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Every life is valuable. This sentence corresponds fully to my own philosophy of life, my "religion", my belief and above all my deepest conviction. In the past, however, I saw this completely differently, I focused exclusively on an energetically dense life, I was only interested in money, in social conventions, tried desperately to fit into them and was convinced that only people who are successful have a regulated life Possessing a job - preferably even having studied or even having a doctorate - be worth something. I railed against everyone else and judged other people's lives that way. In the same way, I hardly had any connection to nature and the animal world, as they were part of a world that absolutely did not fit into my life at the time. Ultimately, this was a few years ago.

Every life is valuable

Every life is unique and valuableThere was an evening when I completely revised my own world view and found my way back to nature due to a groundbreaking self-awareness. I realized that you don't have the right to judge other people's lives, other people's thoughts, that this is ultimately wrong and was only due to my own, materially oriented mind. From then on, I identified more strongly with my own soul and realized that there is much more to life than previously assumed. So I experienced a long journey that was characterized by constant self-knowledge about my own origins and the world. I dealt strongly with my own mind and realized that we humans are powerful creators who can create our own life and act self-determined with the help of our own mental imagination. At the same time, I also realized that the world as it is, especially the chaotic, warlike aspect, is firstly wanted by powerful authorities and secondly, it simply represents a mirror, a mirror of humanity, which reflects its inner chaos, its inner mental + psychological imbalance , permanently dumped on Mother Earth. Of course, I also recognized myself in this aspect, because I still had an internal imbalance that, despite all my self-knowledge, improved greatly, but was still present. Ultimately, I also realized that all of this is part of a current spiritual awakening, a quantum leap into a new time, a drastic change is taking place, which in turn can be traced back to a newly begun cosmic cycle. Because of this cycle, we humans become more sensitive, gain more self-knowledge about our own minds, gain a stronger connection to nature, continually develop mentally and spiritually and thus create a completely new planetary circumstance over time.

We humans are currently in a time of change, a time in which we are once again exploring our own origins and, at the same time, gaining groundbreaking self-knowledge again..!! 

In exactly the same way, humanity is learning again at this time that every life is valuable, regardless of the form in which it is expressed. From the largest human to the smallest insect, every life serves an important purpose and should be fully respected and valued for its individual expression. For this reason, more and more people will continue to set aside their own judgments, stop picking on each other and instead start to see each other like one big family again.

A peaceful and harmonious world cannot emerge from a negatively oriented mind, this only works through a realignment of our own mind, a mind that is focused on peaceful and positive things in our own lives..!!

I mean, how can a peaceful world be created if we still judge other people's lives or even their thoughts, if we create an internally accepted exclusion from other people and legitimize it in our own minds. Ultimately there is no path to peace, because peace is the way. It is therefore about us appreciating each other again, respecting each other, loving our neighbors and not sowing disagreements and discord. If we once again focus our own spectrum of thoughts on the positive things in life, if we value nature and the animal world for their existence, if we respect each other again and understand again that every life is valuable, then a world of our own minds will soon become emerge, which is accompanied by peace, harmony and love. In this way you stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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