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It used to be believed that there were diseases that could not be cured, disease progressions that were so severe that they could no longer be stopped. In such situations, one then came to terms with the corresponding illness and thus succumbed to one's own self-imposed fate. However, the situation has now changed and due to a collective spiritual awakening, attributed to a “Realignment of our solar system“More and more people are becoming aware that every disease can be cured. In this context, more and more lies and intrigues of the corrupt pharmaceutical cabal are currently being uncovered. It is becoming more and more apparent, for example, that vaccines are being enriched with highly toxic substances, that there have already been hundreds of cancer cures that have been smashed by the government and other institutions, that our food + drinking water is used to create sick people (customers), enriched with toxic chemical additives.

Anyone can heal themselves

self-healingEverything is done to keep us sick (a healed patient is a lost customer), everything is done to contain our state of consciousness. Through this containment of our state of consciousness we are kept small, made docile, let ourselves be put into fear and automatically reject everything that does not correspond to our own conditioned worldview. Human guards were created who smile at everything that doesn't seem to correspond to "normality". Nevertheless, these are only desired conditionings that we can discard. If you can do it again, discard old negative beliefs (“It’s not possible”, “That’s impossible”, “That’s nonsense”, “I can’t do it”, I’m unlucky”, etc.) and the When you become aware of the power of your own mind, of your own state of consciousness, you suddenly realize that everything is possible and, above all, that EVERY disease can be cured. Of course, you can't blame the industries for your own problems either. At the end of the day, each person is responsible for themselves and each person can heal themselves through their own mental imagination. In this context, illness does not first develop in our body, but first in our head, in our own spirit. Negative thoughts, beliefs and world views, a negative orientation of our own state of consciousness only produces illnesses. We feel bad all the time, experience a reduction in the frequency of our own state of consciousness, overload our subtle system and thus promote a weakening of our immune system, create a disruption in our cell environment.

Any disease can only develop and persist in an acidic and oxygen-poor cell environment..!!

In addition, of course, we eat poorly, absorb too many toxins, eat little alkaline food and therefore have a reduced well-being, which in turn results in a weakening of our own mind/body/spirit system. Even bad nutrition is ultimately just a product of our own mind. Only the thought of energetically dense food ensures that we eat this food.

Everyone has the potential to heal themselves. A reorientation of our state of consciousness for the treatment of our own diseases is essential..!!

Everything happens in our thoughts, in our consciousness. For that matter, there is also a well-known doctor named Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who has studied the subject of self-healing and health extensively and is acutely aware of the various issues surrounding disease. Coldwell knows, for example, countless treatment options for cancer, knows the causes of a disease and therefore always makes it clear in an impressive way how and, above all, why every disease can be cured. So I linked one of his videos below. In this video he explains exactly why every disease can be cured and he also makes it clear why we are ultimately responsible for the development of diseases. A very informative video that you should definitely watch.

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