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Inner and Outer Worlds is a documentary that delves extensively into the infinite energetic aspects of being. In the ersten Teil This documentary was about the presence of the ubiquitous Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are often used to refer to the universal storage aspect of the formative energetic presence. The Akashic Chronicle is everywhere, because all material states basically consist exclusively of vibrating energy/frequencies. This part of the documentation is mainly about an ancient sacred symbol of all cultures. It's about the spiral.

The Spiral - One of the oldest symbols

The spiral is one of the oldest symbols on our planet and belongs to the universal symbolism. It represents the aspect of creation and can be found both in the macro cosmos (galaxies, spiral nebulae, path of the planets) and in the microcosm (path of atoms and molecules, snail shell, water whirlpool). The spiral also includes all aspects of the 7 universal laws and can be depicted in infinity.

Divine spiralThere are different forms of the spiral. On the one hand the right-hand spiral and on the other hand the left-hand spiral. The clockwise spiral is a sign of the immeasurable and omnipresent creation. It represents the light universe that moves from the inside out. The left-hand spiral represents the return to unity, external states that find unity again at the end of the day.

Everything in existence consists of the subtle presence that has always existed. From an energetic point of view, everything is connected. This knowledge is immortalized in the spiral or is represented by it. The second part of the documentary "inner and outer worlds" deals in detail with this unique facet of life and tries to unravel the mystery surrounding this symbol.

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