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The Akashic Record is a universal repository, a subtle, omnipresent structure that surrounds and flows through all existence. All material and immaterial states consist of this energetic, space-timeless structure. This energetic network has always existed and will continue to exist, because just like our thoughts, this subtle structure is space-timeless and therefore indissoluble. This intelligent fabric has several properties and one of them is property that it stores or has already stored any information, because everything in existence already exists in this way. Everything is prescribed and every conceivable scenario is stored in this world memory.

The Akashic Records are omnipresent!

The Akashic Record is ubiquitous due to its infinite space-timeless structure and is constantly present. Many people only believe in what they see and consider solid, rigid matter to be the measure of all things. For this reason, many people identify with their body and believe that they represent it without exception. But spirit rules over matter, we are not people who have a pure physical experience, but we are spiritual/spiritual beings who experience being human. We are mind/consciousness which makes us the rulers of our body.

spiritualityEverything in existence always happens only out of thoughts. Thought is the basic basis of all life and with our thoughts we form our own reality. Even these written words here are the result of my mental creativity. First I imagine the individual words and sentences, then I write down my thoughts using my physical body. Thoughts are therefore highly effective tools with which we can shape a reality according to our wishes. What I imagine I can also manifest in my physical world.

Inner and Outer Worlds: The Akashic Records!

The Akashic Records is therefore a very fascinating topic and has already been extensively discussed by a wide variety of scientists. For this reason I have selected a suitable documentation on this topic for you. Inner and Outer Worlds: Part 1 The Akashic Records is an exciting and very insightful documentary that explains in detail what the Akashic Records are and why this vibrating field is present at all times and in all places.

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