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Meditation has been practiced in different ways by different cultures for thousands of years. Many people try to find themselves in meditation and strive for expansion of consciousness and inner peace. Meditating for 10-20 minutes a day alone has a very positive effect on your physical and mental condition. For this reason, more and more people are practicing and improving meditation thereby their state of health. Meditation is also used successfully by many people to reduce stress.

Purify your consciousness in meditation

As Jiddu Krishnamurti once said: Meditation is the cleansing of the mind and heart from egoism; through this cleansing comes right thinking, which alone can liberate man from suffering. In fact, meditation is a wonderful tool to free your mind or consciousness from the egoistic mind.

Find yourself in meditationThe egoistic or also called supracausal mind is the part of a human being that lets us wander blindly through life. Because of the egoistic mind, we legitimize judgments in our consciousness and thereby limit our own mental abilities. Instead of dealing with "abstract" topics of life without prejudice or rather facets that do not correspond to our own world view, we just smile at them and close our minds to them. This mind is partly responsible for the fact that many people only put life and friendship, helpfulness and community spirit second for themselves, and this mind also makes us believe that only other people are responsible for their own suffering.

It is difficult to admit mistakes to yourself; instead, your own failure is projected onto other people. But since you yourself are the creator of your own present reality, you are responsible for your own life. You create your own reality based on your own creative mental power and you can shape and shape this reality according to your own wishes. All suffering is always only created by oneself and only one can ensure that this suffering ends. Due to the egoistic mind, many people also smile at the subtle aspects of creation.

The limitation of one's selfish mind!

meditation healingThrough the egoistic mind we limit our mental abilities ourselves and are mostly trapped in a material, 3 dimensional prison. You only believe in what you see, in material conditions. Everything else eludes one's own perception. One cannot then imagine that deep in the matter there is an always existing energetic construct that flows through everything in existence and characterizes the entire life, or rather one can imagine it, but since it does not correspond to one's own world view, this topic becomes simple and simply smiled at and put down. When you recognize your own egoistic mind and no longer act from this base pattern, you will find that no one in the world has the right to blindly judge the life of another human being. If I can't do anything with something, then I don't have the right to condemn it right away. Judgments are always the cause of hate and war.

Also, because of the supracausal mind, we cannot have any understanding of God's phenomenon. Most people think of God as a giant physical being that exists somewhere above or beyond the universe and decides our lives. But this idea is simply wrong and only the result of our ignorant lower mind. If you drop your spiritual 3 dimensional shells then you understand that God is a subtle, space-timeless presence that exists everywhere and draws everything. An energetic basis that can be found everywhere and gives form to all life. Man himself consists of this divine convergence and is therefore an expression of the ever-existing infinite divinity.

Recognize and understand limiting thought patterns in meditation

In meditation we come to rest and can focus specifically on our own existential basis. As soon as we practice the meditation, hide the outside world and only concentrate on our inner existence, then over time we will recognize who we are. We then come closer to the subtle aspects of life and open our minds to these "hidden" worlds. The very first meditation has a strong effect on your own consciousness, because in the very first meditation you recognize that you have overcome your own inner mental blockage. One is amazed and happy that one has opened one's own mind to such an extent that meditation has come about.

This feeling gives you strength and from meditation to meditation you realize more and more that your own egoistic mind had full control over your life. You then realize that judgments, hate, anger, envy, jealousy, greed and the like are poison for your own mind, that you only need one thing and that is harmony, freedom, love, health and inner peace. Until then, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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