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portal day

From October 16th it's that time again and we'll have a ten-day portal day series just like last month. For this reason, we can now prepare for another intensive phase, a period in which, firstly, the current high vibrational environment will experience drastic increases again and, secondly, all doors will be open for us humans. This is how portal days - which, by the way, can be traced back to the Maya (Maya an earlier advanced civilization - announced the apocalyptic years - beginning December 21, 2012 - apocalypse = unveiling/revelation/unveiling - finding the truth - people researching their own origins + question the system again), generally days or time windows on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us (the last series of portal days, for example, was accompanied by strong electromagnetic storms).

10 portal days in a row – another intensive phase

10 portal days in a row - powerful timesThese days are therefore always very intense from an energetic point of view and on such days we humans can deal even more deeply with our own mind/body/spirit system. In the same way, it is not uncommon to experience greater self-knowledge on portal days. Larger or rather noticeable expansions of consciousness (our consciousness expands/expands constantly) are simply not uncommon on portal days, which is why we can now prepare for the fact that we will once again be confronted with our own basic reason in a profound way . Otherwise, we can definitely expect a transformation of our own shadow parts or can assume that we will deal with them in a special way. The current energetic circumstances already favor the abandonment of our own dependencies/addictions, the disclosure of our own mental nature + the realization of our own heart's desires. Our subconscious is therefore currently extremely receptive to restructuring/reprogramming and it makes more sense for us to get rid of our old programs. As far as this is concerned, I feel this fact more strongly than ever before. For example, after a long time I was able to get rid of various dependencies/addictions, was able to consciously initiate/witness a restructuring of my own subconscious - i.e. I was now able to get rid of old harmful habits/programs and legitimize/anchor new positive habits/programs in my own mind. These were even addictions that I hadn't been able to overcome for years - addictions such as smoking or my daily coffee consumption (which I usually only managed for 2-3 days).

The coming days will be very insightful and transformative due to the portal day series. Therefore, take advantage of this highly energetic circumstance and initiate a complete realignment of your own mind..!!

But this time it is completely different and I was somehow able to free myself completely from it, which was very important for me personally, as I would otherwise always remain in an inner conflict (I could not accept the fact that an addiction was dominating my own mind ). Well then, for these reasons, prepare yourself for the upcoming portal day series and be aware that a phase is now approaching in which we can initiate personal breakthroughs more easily than ever. There is no doubt that we can do a lot during this phase and give our lives a completely new shine. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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