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Beliefs are inner convictions that are deeply anchored in our subconscious and significantly influence our own reality and the further course of our own lives. In this context, there are positive beliefs that benefit our own mental development and there are negative beliefs that in turn have a blocking influence on our own mind. Ultimately, negative beliefs such as “I’m not pretty” reduce our own vibration frequency. They damage our own psyche and prevent the realization of a true reality, a reality that is not based on the foundation of our soul, but on the basis of our own egoistic mind. In the second part of this series I will address a common belief: “I can’t do that” or even “You can’t do that.”

I can't do that

Negative beliefsIn today's world, many people are plagued by self-doubt. In many cases we diminish our own mental abilities, keep ourselves small and instinctively assume that we simply cannot do certain things, that we are simply not capable of doing certain things. But why shouldn't we be able to do something, why should we make ourselves small and assume that we simply can't do certain things? Ultimately, anything is possible. Every thought can be realized, even if the corresponding thought seems completely abstract to us. We humans are essentially very powerful beings and can use our own minds to create a reality that is completely consistent with our own imagination.

Everything that ever happened in all of existence was a product of thoughts, a product of consciousness..!!

That’s also what’s special about us as humans. All of life is ultimately just a product of our own thoughts, our own mental imagination. With the help of our thoughts we create and change our own lives. Everything that ever happened on our planet, every human action, every event, every invention rested first in the mental spectrum of a human being.

As soon as we doubt something and are convinced that we cannot achieve something, we will not be able to achieve it. Especially since our own state of consciousness also resonates with the idea of ​​not being able to do it, which then makes this a reality..!!

 Nevertheless, we like to let ourselves be dominated by our own beliefs, doubt our own inner strength and block our own mental abilities. Sentences such as: “I can’t do that”, “I can’t do that”, “I’ll never be able to do that” ensure that we can’t do the corresponding things either.

An interesting example

beliefsFor example, you are supposed to create something that you already assume from the ground up that you cannot do it. In this context, we also like to allow ourselves to be influenced by other people and thus legitimize self-doubt in our own minds. I have also allowed myself to be influenced by other people in this regard several times in the past. On my site, for example, a young man once said that it would not be possible for people who pass on their spiritual knowledge to overcome their own reincarnation cycle. I don't remember exactly why he assumed that, but at first I let it guide me. For a short time I thought that this person was right and that I couldn't overcome my own reincarnation cycle in this life. But why shouldn't I be able to do this and why should this person be right. It wasn't until months later that I realized that this belief was just an article of faith on his part. It was his self-created belief that he was deeply convinced of. A negative belief that then even became part of my own reality. But ultimately this conviction was only his personal conviction, his personal belief system. It was therefore an important experience from which I was able to learn a lot. That's why I can only say one thing these days and that is that you should never let anyone convince you that you can't do something. If a person should have such a negative belief, then of course they are allowed to do so, but you should still not let it influence you. We all create our own reality, our own beliefs and should under no circumstances allow ourselves to be influenced by other people's beliefs.

Every person is the creator of his own reality and can choose for himself which thoughts he realizes, what kind of life he leads..!!

We are the creators, we are the creators of our own reality and we should use our own mental abilities to create positive beliefs. On this basis, we then create a reality in which everything becomes possible for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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