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A wide variety of beliefs are anchored in the subconscious of every person. Each of these beliefs has different origins. On the one hand, such beliefs or convictions/inner truths arise through upbringing and on the other hand through various experiences that we collect in life. However, our own beliefs have an enormous influence on our own vibration frequency, because beliefs form part of our own reality. Thoughts that are repeatedly transported into our daily consciousness and then lived out by us. However, negative beliefs ultimately block the development of our own happiness. They ensure that we always look at certain things from a negative perspective and this in turn reduces our own vibration frequency. In this context, there are negative beliefs that dominate many people's lives. I will therefore introduce you to a common belief in the following section.

I'm not beautiful

Inner beauty

In today's world, an extremely large number of people suffer from inferiority complexes. That's exactly how many people just don't feel beautiful. These people usually have a certain ideal image in mind, an ideal image that one should correspond to in a certain way. Society and our mass media always suggest to us a certain ideal image, an image that women and men should correspond to. These and other reasons ultimately lead to many people in today's world simply not finding themselves pretty, being dissatisfied with themselves and even suffering from mental illnesses as a result. After all, this is a great strain on one's own psyche and one's own mental state.

The more you look for happiness, love and a more beautiful external appearance on the outside, the more you distance yourself from your own inner source of happiness..!!

People who don't think they're pretty are constantly confronted with their own dissatisfaction in this regard and suffer as a result over and over again. But ultimately we shouldn't conform to any predetermined ideal image, but rather start developing our own beauty again.

Love and accept your being

Love and accept your beingIn this regard, the beauty of a person arises internally and then manifests itself in the external, physical appearance. Your convictions are crucial for your own charisma. For example, if you are convinced that you are not beautiful, then you are not that either, or deep down you already are, but if you are convinced inside that you are not beautiful, then you radiate this to the outside . Other people will then feel this inner conviction. In most cases, they will not be able to see your beauty because you undermine your own beauty. Basically, every person is beautiful and every person can develop their inner beauty. In this regard, it is important that we start accepting ourselves and loving ourselves again. For example, someone who loves themselves and is completely satisfied with themselves has a fascinating charisma. Apart from that, we always attract into our lives what we are completely convinced of, what corresponds to our thoughts and emotions.

You increasingly attract what corresponds to your inner convictions and beliefs into your own life..!!

For example, if you are constantly convinced that you are not beautiful, then you will inevitably only attract situations into your life in which you are confronted with your inner dissatisfaction. Law of resonance, what you radiate, you attract into your life. Energy attracts energy of the same vibrational frequency.

Life is like a mirror. Your inner attitudes are always reflected in the outer world. The world is not the way it is, but the way you are..!!

If you are dissatisfied with your appearance and perhaps even reject your body, then it is important to stop allowing yourself to be blinded by social norms, conventions and ideals. Stand by your character, your body, your being. Why not? Why should you be worse, uglier or even stupider than other people? We all have a body, have a consciousness, create our own reality and are all an image of an immaterial, divine source. As soon as you start to stop comparing yourself with other people, as soon as you start to accept yourself again, then within a very short time you will have a charisma that will captivate other people. It all depends only on yourself, on your inner beliefs, beliefs, thoughts and feelings. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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