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I am?! Well, what am I after all? Are you a purely material mass, consisting of flesh and blood? Are you a consciousness or a spirit that rules over your own body? Or is one a psychic expression, a soul representing one's self and using consciousness as a tool to experience/explore life? Or are you again what corresponds to your own mental spectrum? That which corresponds to your own beliefs and belief patterns? And what do the words I Am actually mean in this context? At the end of the day, behind our language is a universal language. Behind every word is a deeper message, a profound, universal meaning. I am are two powerful words in this context. You can find out what this means in this regard in the following article.

I am = Divine Presence

gottBasically, it looks like the words I am - are to be translated as divine presence or are to be equated with the words divine presence. I stands for divine in this context, as one is a divine expression oneself, an expression of a divine, energetic source that flows through all of existence and is responsible for every material and immaterial expression. Bin again stands for the present. What you are constantly in is the present. An eternally expanding moment that always existed, is and will be. What happened in the past happened now and what will happen in the future will happen now. The future and the past are therefore exclusively mental constructs, the present is therefore where you ultimately always find yourself. If you combine both words you realize that you yourself represent a divine presence. You are a creator of your own reality, your own circumstance and can adapt/change your own divine circumstance as you wish from the present. With the help of our thoughts, which arise from the immaterial, conscious source, we create our own divine foundation. We are therefore able to act independently. We can consciously choose for ourselves which path our life should take, which path we should take.

I am – The identification with an inner belief..!!

Each human being is therefore a divine expression, a divine presence, or better yet, a divine creator of their own omnipresent reality. In this context, the words I am have a tremendous impact on one's life. Ultimately, I am therefore also stands for identification with something, an identification that manifests itself as truth in your own reality and has a massive influence on your own creative expression.

The "I am" belief

i-am-divine-presenceIf you keep telling yourself I'm sick, then you are sick too, or you could get sick in some way. Whenever you tell yourself "I'm sick," you're basically telling yourself Divine Presence sick. Your divine expression is ill, at the same time your mental basis, or your personal divine presence, resonates with illness or rather with being ill. As a result, one attracts energies, vibratory frequencies, that accompany that belief. Energetic states that are structurally similar to your mental beliefs. If you keep telling yourself “I am unhappy”, then this inner dissatisfaction or this inner feeling of being unhappy is the current expression/state of your own divine reality. Your personal ground is unhappy and because you are convinced that you feel this, you will express this inner imbalance on all levels of existence, you will radiate it on all levels. On in your inside or in your outside. This inner “I Am” belief has become a truth of your own reality, an integral part of your life and can only be changed if you manage to change your “I am” belief in whatever way.

You are what you mentally resonate with, what corresponds to your inner beliefs..!!

I am happy. If you keep telling yourself this, it really affects your own mental state. Someone who is convinced of this, feels happy and sometimes says out loud “I am” happy, thereby constantly positiveizing their own energetic foundation. Such a person, or rather the divine presence of this person, then radiates this happiness completely and will therefore only attract/realize further situations, moments and events that correspond to this feeling. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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