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Today's daily energy on December 16, 2017 is all about change and can support us in our plans to tackle new things. In this context, the current energetic circumstance generally stands for further development, change, reorientation and ensures that we humans are slowly but surely breaking away from old, sustainable patterns or systems and instead taking completely new paths, paths, that lead us into a new life that is free from shadows and darkness.

Sign of change

Sign of change

Today intensifies this process again and can therefore definitely reveal new paths that will lead us to a more carefree and harmonious life. In this way, we could be open to new aspects and life situations and welcome innovations very much. For this reason, our urge for change can become manifest and we tend to dedicate ourselves to new projects. Ultimately, we should also join in with this daily energy, because after all, there is hardly anything more inspiring than gaining new experiences and freeing yourself from old, sustainable behavior patterns and thought constructs. In this way we join the universal principle of rhythm and vibration and bathe in the flow of change. Instead of constantly becoming trapped in rigid patterns of life and allowing ourselves to be mentally dominated by self-imposed vicious cycles, we break through our low-frequency life structures and provide more space for love, harmony and light. We shake off all our states of deficiency and accept abundance again, which is essentially permanently available to us and is just waiting to be lived by us. Corresponding projects are not only supported today, because the energetic influences regarding the manifestation of new life situations will reach a completely new level from tomorrow. On December 17th, a 10-year cycle ends and we enter a period that is entirely dominated by the element earth. The last 10 years have been all about water, which is why our emotional issues have always been in the foreground. But now an important change begins that leads us into a new period in which self-realization, manifestation, grounding and creativity are in the foreground (I will write an article later today in which I will go into the topic in more detail). In keeping with the creation of new life structures, two star constellations are reaching us today that can support us in this project.

Today's daily energy supports us in the project of creating new life structures and can definitely help us to let go of old, sustainable thought patterns and accept a life that is characterized by peace, abundance and love..!! 

The moon moved into the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 02:07 a.m., making us temperamental, restless and unstable. Apart from that, the Sagittarius Moon ensures that we can continue to educate ourselves and develop a penchant for higher aspects of life. At 12:27 p.m. we reach a harmonious constellation, i.e. a trine between the Sun and Uranus, which gives us strong self-confidence, an original spirit, a spirit of enterprise, ambition, a clear/active mind and an interest in new living conditions. At the same time, this connection also allows us to reject old structures. For this reason, the day is perfect for devoting yourself to completely new circumstances and aspects of life. We should therefore join in the creation of new structures and welcome everything that detaches us from old sustainable structures. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/16

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