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So today is the day and I haven't smoked a cigarette for exactly a month. At the same time, I also avoided all caffeinated drinks (no more coffee, no more cans of cola and no more green tea) and apart from that I also did sports every day, i.e. I went running every day. Ultimately, I took this radical step for various reasons. which are these In the following article you can find out how I was doing at the time, how the fight against addiction felt and, above all, how I am doing today.

Why I gave up my addictions

SmokingWell, it's easy to explain why I finally changed my lifestyle and broke this addictive behavior. On the one hand, for example, it bothered me enormously that I was simply dependent on certain substances. So I just became aware in my beginnings of spiritual awakening that the dependency on corresponding substances, not only because of the vibration reduction or because of the physical impairments are harmful, even make you sick, but that these are simply dependencies, which in turn affect your own mind dominate. In this context, I have often mentioned in my articles that even small dependencies + associated rituals, such as enjoying coffee in the morning, simply rob us of our freedom and dominate our own mind. For example, a person who drinks coffee every morning - i.e. has developed an addiction to coffee/caffeine - would be irritated if he didn't get any coffee one morning. The addictive substance stays away, you would feel restless, more stressed and would simply feel the negative consequences of your own addiction.

Even minor dependencies/addictions such as addiction to caffeine can have fatal effects on our own mental state and can also cloud our state of consciousness as a result, or even bring it out of balance..!!  

As far as that is concerned, there are also countless substances, foods or even situations that we humans are dependent on today, i.e. things that dominate our own mind, rob us of our freedom and as a result lower our vibration frequency due to mental stress, what then in turn, also weakens our immune system and promotes the development of diseases.

An inner conflict flared up

SmokingBecause of this, it became kind of a burning goal of mine to quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, and instead just walk every day for a month, in order to regain a more balanced mind/body/spirit system. Somehow this goal burned itself into my subconscious as a result and so it became a personal concern for me to tackle this fight against addiction + to put the associated sporting activity into practice. So I really wanted to know how good my condition would be after this time and, above all, how this would affect my life. In the end, however, an inner conflict developed that really drove me insane and so I remained in a mental state for a longer period of time that was aimed at discarding my own addictions in order to simply create a more balanced and clearer state of consciousness again can. But the problem with the whole thing was that I just couldn't get rid of all these addictions, which resulted in a real struggle with myself, i.e. a daily struggle with my addiction, which I failed to fight again and again. Nevertheless, I never wanted to give up, NEVER, it was so important for me personally to free myself from these dependencies and to become purer or better said clearer/healthier/freer that accepting my addiction situation or even giving up was out of the question .

If you find your here and now unbearable and it makes you unhappy, then there are three options: leave the situation, change it or accept it completely..!!

Of course, that also contradicted all my guiding principles, because ultimately you should accept your own circumstances much more, which can ultimately end your own suffering or, better said, reduce it. However, this was an impossibility for me and the only thing that came into question for me was to create a state of consciousness that is free of these addictive substances, a state of consciousness in which I no longer let my addictive behavior dominate me.

The way out of addiction

Get out of addictionWell then, about a month ago I got an eye infection in my right eye (The Eye of Now). When I fell ill, I simply noticed how much the inner conflict had transferred to my own body, how much this mental chaos had already weakened my immune system, restricted my body's own functionalities and consequently caused this disease. Just as I was aware that I could become completely healthy again, clearing up my eye infection, simply by ending my mental conflict and finally fighting my addiction (almost every illness is the result of an unbalanced, disharmonious mind ). At this point one more thing should be said, in the end I smoked a pack of cigarettes almost every day (almost 6 € per day) and drank at least 3-4 cups of coffee daily (Caffeine is pure poison - the coffee deception!!!). But somehow it happened and I ended my own inner conflict from now on, that is, exactly one month ago I smoked my last cigarette, threw away the remaining cigarettes and immediately went for a run. Of course, that first run was a disaster and after 5 minutes I was out of breath, but I didn't care because that first run was of the utmost importance and laid the foundation for creating a balanced state of consciousness, a life in which I would no longer succumb to this conflict.

Even if the beginnings of my renunciation were difficult, I still gained a lot of strength after a short time, felt how all the body's own functionalities improved and I felt much more balanced overall..!!

Then I persevered and stopped smoking cigarettes. The next morning I didn't drink any more coffee, instead I made myself a peppermint tea, which I've kept to this day (or I vary and now mostly drink chamomile tea). In the period that followed, I continued to stop smoking cigarettes and continued without coffee and the like. and continued to walk like this every day. Somehow, to my surprise, this didn't bother me too much. Of course, especially in the beginning, I always had stronger moments of languor. Above all, the thought of the cigarette after getting up or the thought of the combination of coffee and cigarette was often transported into my daily consciousness at the beginning.

The positive/magical effects

The positive/magical effectsNevertheless, I consistently persevered and it was out of the question for me to succumb to the addiction again, to be honest I've never had such an iron will when it comes to that. After a few weeks, even after a week to be honest, I began to feel the extremely positive effects of my new lifestyle. Quitting smoking + going for a run every day simply meant that I had significantly more air overall, was no longer so short of breath and had a significantly better resting heart rate. In exactly the same way, my heartbeat normalized again, i.e. during physical activities I simply noticed that my cardiovascular system was no longer under too much strain and that I calmed down and recovered much faster afterwards. Apart from that, my own circulation stabilized again. In this context, at the end of my addictions, I suffered from intermittent circulatory problems, which were sometimes even accompanied by feelings of anxiety, sometimes even panic (hypersensitivity - I couldn't tolerate caffeine and nicotine/other cigarette toxins anymore). However, these circulatory problems were gone after a week and instead I usually experienced a real high. To be honest I actually felt great. I was just happy about the progress I was making, happy that my conflict was over, happy that this addiction was no longer dominating my own mind, that I was already doing much better physically, that I had more stamina and just now had much more self-control and willpower (There is hardly a more pleasant feeling than being in control of yourself + having a lot of willpower). In the time that followed, I continued my self-control and continued to go running every day. Of course, in this context I have to admit that I still find it difficult to walk every day. Even after 2 weeks I still couldn't run long distances and noticed only minor improvements in my condition.

The effects of overcoming my addiction and the enormous increase in my own willpower were enormous and so after just a few weeks I felt a much more pronounced feeling of contentment within me..!!

The physical improvements were usually noticeable in a different way. On the one hand because of my significantly better functioning cardiovascular system, on the other hand because I was no longer out of breath so quickly in everyday life, had a better resting heart rate and was much less stressed + more balanced. As far as running goes, at least I wasn't as out of breath after the workout and calmed down/recovered a lot quicker than the weeks before.

How I am doing now – My results

How I am now - My resultsAnother positive effect was my sleep, which in turn became much more intense and restful. On the one hand, I fell asleep faster, woke up earlier in the morning, and then felt more and more rested and much more relaxed (by the way, I had more intensive and restful sleep after just a few days - balanced mind, no more conflict, fewer toxins/impurities to be broken down). Well, it's been a full month now - I've quit smoking, been running every day without exception + avoided all caffeinated drinks and feel great. I even have to admit that this time was one of the most instructive, experience-rich and important times of my life. In that one month I have learned so much, found myself growing beyond myself, breaking my dependencies, reprogramming my subconscious, improving my physical well-being, gaining more self-control, confidence/awareness + willpower and realizing a much more balanced mental state. Since then I've been doing much better, to be honest even better than ever before and I just feel an indescribable feeling of triumph, contentment, harmony, strength of will and balance. Sometimes it's even hard to put into words.

The feeling of being in control of oneself, of becoming more and more master of one's own incarnation, of one's own spirit, is much nicer than the short-term satisfaction that we get from succumbing to our own addictions ..!!

I associate so many things with overcoming this addiction, with this reprogramming of my own subconscious, that it's just inspiring. In the meantime, I am also much more relaxed, can deal with conflicts or other situations much better and feel my inner strength, the feeling of being able to control myself, which also gives me strength again.


SmokingIn this context, there is - as has already been mentioned several times - no nicer feeling than becoming clear, being mentally pure, becoming strong-willed, being free (not having to be subject to mental blockages) and above all being in control of one's own life to be back in one's own incarnation (discard everything that binds us to our physical/material existence). It is also a very nice feeling to replace your own sustainable habits with positive ones. For example, it has now become a habit for me not to smoke, drink caffeinated beverages or even walk every day. For example, if my father offers me a can of coke (which he likes to do and has done several times in the past), I immediately refuse it. My subconscious then simply reminds me of the fact that I have overcome my caffeine addiction and, like a shot from a gun, I tell him immediately that I still do without caffeine completely. Otherwise, as far as languor is concerned, smoking is no longer an option for me. The moments of faintness, which admittedly still exist after a month - but only occur very rarely, are no longer a hurdle for me and all the health improvements that I then keep in mind at such moments let me Refuse cigarettes directly. Apart from that, because of my newly gained self-control, it's just out of the question for me to smoke cigarettes again, in no way, I just don't do it anymore, no ifs and buts. On the contrary, I would much rather go with my new habit, repeat the daily run and push my body to a maximum level, continue to strengthen my cardiovascular system, my psyche and my spirit.

One month was enough to develop my own willpower + my own self-control in such a way that it is no longer an option for me to succumb to these substances again. These energies no longer have any control over me..!!

Okay, at this point it should be said that I can only recommend going for a run every day - at least over a longer period of time, because after a while you simply feel that your own leg muscles are being put under a lot of strain. For this reason I will still go running this week and then always 2 times a week, i.e. take a break at the weekend, just so that my body can rest and recover. Well then, in the end I am very satisfied with overcoming my dependencies and have thus come much closer to my goal of being able to create a completely free/pure/clear state of consciousness. Due to all the positive effects, I can only recommend overcoming addiction + physical activity and tell you that this can change your life completely for the better. Although it may seem tough at first and the road may be rocky, at the end of the day you will definitely be rewarded with a better/more balanced version of yourself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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