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energy surge

As mentioned in my last daily energy articles, we humans are currently experiencing an immense increase in our own vibration frequency due to a ten-day portal day series. Of course, these vibration increases are also an integral part of the current quantum leap into awakening, and are a consistent consequence of the newly begun cosmic cycle or the 13.000-year “awakening” period (in which we have been since December 21, 2012 - the beginning of the Age of Aquarius) and for this reason they reach us again and again.Nevertheless, it must be mentioned at this point that, especially on portal days, enormous cosmic radiation reaches us humans.

Incredible energetic increase

measurements of love

Incredible increase – Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

So these high frequencies, which always first affect or increase the planetary vibration frequency, ultimately ensure that we humans adapt our own vibration frequency to that of the earth. Incredible energetic increaseBasically, in this regard, everything vibrates at an individual frequency, just like our own state of consciousness, our own mind - from which our own life ultimately arises - vibrates at an individual frequency (for this reason there is not even solid, rigid matter. Everything is of a mental/spiritual nature, everything is a product of consciousness. Matter is therefore just condensed energy). For this reason, our own frequency always adapts to that of the earth and tries to compensate for the high vibration.

Due to the planetary increase in vibration, the collective state of consciousness is automatically asked to increase its own vibration, which over time simply leads to the spiritual and spiritual development of human civilization..!!

However, since we humans are often subject to our own materially oriented mind (EGO mind) due to the energetically dense system (a system based on disinformation and half-truths, which in turn keeps us trapped in an illusion), we are free of countless dependencies and other karmic entanglements If we like to allow ourselves to be dominated mentally, we hardly manage to stay permanently at a high frequency.

Clearing your own mental blockages is becoming increasingly important

For this reason, the current times also lead to a comprehensive cleansing of body, mind and soul, which enables us to create a completely positive and, above all, free life. energy surgeThis process is also unavoidable and ensures a real transformation of the collective state of consciousness. In this context, there are always days that are accompanied by an extreme, almost incomprehensible increase in vibration, i.e. days on which we either feel extremely energetic or we are dealing with our own self-imposed problems in a brutal way , mental blockages, karmic entanglements, shadow parts or with our own negative behavior, thoughts, emotions and other inconsistencies. Today was another day like that in that regard. The increase in vibration today was so high and took on such large proportions that it could definitely throw some people off track.

The vibration level today was so high that it either caused countless conflicts to arise or gave us a real boost..!!

As for me personally, I felt rather under the weather today as a whole, which I didn't expect at all - simply because I've always felt a real high in the last few days. In this context, I initially slept far too long, woke up with a slight headache and as a result felt minimally exhausted. Well, we can definitely be curious to see how the increase in vibration will continue in the near future and, above all, whether the vibration environment will continue to be so high in the next few days. Due to the portal days (5 more to come), this would definitely be possible. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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