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geomagnetic field

Regarding the planetary resonant frequency, things have been quite intense for a number of years. In this context, stronger impulses or influences reach us again and again, through which our earth's magnetic field is shaken and as a result the collective state of consciousness undergoes further development (increased cosmic radiation reaches the planet). Through these influences, a planetary awakening process is not only set in motion or favoured, but also massively accelerated.

A massive impulse

A massive impulseOf course, strong influences don't reach us all the time. Nevertheless, phases of rest, especially since this year, are rather the rarity. Especially in the last few weeks and months it has been quite stormy, which was also noticeable in the very changeable weather. Of course, geoengineering is also included here, but one should not ignore the fact that our planet is going through a massive transformation process, and that phases in which strong electromagnetic impulses reach us, in particular, ensure peaks. The innumerable thunderstorms and stormy weather conditions of the last few months (and there were felt to be more than ever before) are therefore a sign of planetary change. Mind-altering energies are flooding our planet and new "systems" are being "installed". Old structures are dissolved in turn, allowing more space for harmony, lightness and peace to manifest. It's just a massive purification process that affects and changes all life on our planet. Also today the cleaning process has reached a new felt peak, because as the Russian Space Observing Center in Tomsk has documented (see picture below), reached us today from 15:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m. (in Tomsk it was between 20:00 p 24:00) a massive energetic impulse, which was almost enormous in intensity. Because of this, today, especially at this time, could be quite stormy in nature. For me personally, these energies were clearly noticeable, even if they were much more noticeable in tension than in "life energy increases", at least in my life.geomagnetic field

Strong electromagnetic influences or, as a whole, strong cosmic influences exert a tremendous influence on the planetary resonance frequency and the earth's magnetic field, which in turn leads to a further development of the collective state of consciousness..!!

In the end, however, I saw this tremendous increase much more as an opportunity or as a release of potential, through which we could lay the foundations for new paths in life. As far as that is concerned, I have now also made important decisions for myself personally, which will lead my life in a new direction in the next few days and weeks (I will tell you more about this soon). Well then, it is very late and I am getting very tired while writing this article, which is why I will now come to a conclusion. In this sense, I would also be interested to know how you perceived today, especially the time of the strong impulse? Were these hours also exciting for you? Did you feel energized or maybe everything was the same?! Let me know in the comments. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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