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Shooting star night

Today, which generally has an extremely strong energy quality due to the Aquarius full moon energies (Supermoon – the full moon is particularly close to Earth), concludes with a special event, because tonight (from August 12th to August 13th) is accompanied by a special event: a shooting star night reaches us. It should be said at this point that the month of August generally has a lot shooting stars becoming visible. Many shooting stars are therefore visible throughout the month. Nevertheless, tonight stands out in particular and marks the climax that comes with it.

Shooting Star Night (Perseids)

Shooting star nightThe combination of various active meteor showers ensures nights full of shooting stars, provided the sky is clear and clear. Tonight, up to 100 shooting stars per hour can be seen, which are mainly due to the Perseid meteor shower. In this context, the shooting stars or “summer meteors” also come from the earth's immediate environment, because once a year between mid-July and August the earth crosses a cloud of tiny particles, which in turn can be traced back to comet 109P. This orbits the sun every 13 years, each time leaving a trail that crosses our Earth (at least that is the explanation according to the heliocentric world view). Since the comet has circled the sun quite often, the meteor shower is now said to be particularly pregnant, at least during this time. For this reason, we can also see shooting stars in the coming days, even if after tonight there will be significantly fewer, for example an average of fifty shooting stars per hour, which is of course not a small number. For this reason, there is a very special magic associated with this night. Just like everything in existence, corresponding influences always carry deep meaning and magic. Nothing happens without a reason and every encounter or circumstance can trigger deep changes within our own mind or rather, our own mind, when aligned accordingly, can create the basis for the manifestation of completely new worlds.

Night of wishes

Shooting star nightIn this context, shooting stars have always been associated with wish fulfillment. People see a shooting star and make a wish that will then come true. Of course, if you look at the law of resonance, which on the one hand is essentially due to our own self-image, then wishes alone are not enough to accelerate its manifestation. However, there is still a very crucial component involved here and that is our own faith. In this context, the shape of the external world is also closely linked to our own beliefs. Anyone who truly believes in something from the bottom of their hearts without having a single doubt about it, yes, someone who is internally so disposed that they already know that their belief in a reality will manifest that very reality, then becomes unshakable faith pave the way for this without further ado. Our faith is therefore one of our most powerful creative tools. For this reason, we should also make use of the magic of tonight. Let us see the shooting stars in the sky and express our deepest wishes, combined with the deep belief that our reality or our unshakable belief in the power of this event will make these wishes come true. With that in mind, I wish you all a special shooting star night. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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