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Full moon

Today it's that time again and another full moon reaches us, to be precise it's the fifth full moon this year. The full moon is expected to reach its full form at 02:58 a.m. and will bring us strong influences from then on. Especially since it is a Scorpio full moon, it could be even more intense than usual, because the moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio generally represents strong energies.

Full moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio

Full moonOn the other hand, this full moon is also all about purification and transformation, although it should be mentioned again at this point that the current years as a whole also stand for transformation and purification. Due to special cycles (or special cosmic circumstances), we are in a so-called awakening phase, whereby we humans develop massively mentally and emotionally (if you want to get a comprehensive insight into this topic, I can only highly recommend these articles : Golden age - Cleaning time). Apart from massive spiritual development (or associated with it), we humans free ourselves from all self-imposed suffering during this time (life is a product of our mind - we are, at least as a rule, responsible for our own suffering). As a result, we recognize our inner conflicts and begin to create a life that is characterized by freedom, love and harmony (destructive - EGO-shaped life attitudes, beliefs and world views). Tomorrow's or today's full moon could support us in this transformation process, because its strong energies are very cleansing in nature. In this regard, today's Scorpio full moon is also all about liberation. It's about separating yourself from old, sustainable patterns of life, i.e. liberation from your own disharmonious conditions and circumstances is the focus.

Today's full moon brings us strong energies of cleansing & transformation, which is why we could not only be confronted with sustainable living conditions, but we could also initiate a cleansing of corresponding circumstances..!!

Instead of clinging to old circumstances, we should use the energies and focus on accepting new life circumstances. The current process of awakening is progressing in parallel, which is why a corresponding liberation is becoming more and more inevitable anyway.

energies of transformation

Full moonAlthough such a process may seem very painful, we should know that at the end of the day, all of this is for our own prosperity. Otherwise, it should be said that tomorrow's Scorpio full moon also represents the discovery of some truths, i.e. we deal more closely with our own state of being and recognize or accept new (our) truths in our own mind (every person creates their own completely individual one Truth, - but not everyone recognizes + stands behind their own truth, - this is often difficult, especially since we are guided by given world views, - conditioning by the entire illusory system). You could also recognize the true background of certain conflicts through the influences of the full moon. This can refer to geopolitical or interpersonal circumstances. Well, I personally can only say that I can already feel the strong energies. For example, I have been very warm for a few hours and everything feels very intense. In addition, a massive thunderstorm is currently taking place here - in keeping with the strong energies.

Even though Haarp and co. are partly responsible for the extremely strong thunderstorm (that has now become normal - keyword: weather manipulation), so for me personally it perfectly represents the strong energies of transformation..!!

There is constant lightning in the sky, more extreme than I have experienced in a long time. There was also heavy rainfall at times. The rainfall was sometimes so loud that I was slightly startled a few times. Ultimately, a fascinating natural spectacle that for me personally not only introduces the intense energies of the full moon, but also perfectly represents it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Pink Full Moon Meditation on Monday, April 30th at 16.45:XNUMX p.m. CEST

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