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Human civilization has always been looking for ways to heal illnesses or internal disharmonious and stressful processes within the last dark 3D centuries. On the other hand, largely due to a limited mental state, much of humanity has fallen into the The fallacy that there are certain diseases that you naturally have to go through again and again, for example common infections that you occasionally experience within a year. Ultimately, however, there were major misconceptions in this regard, misconceptions that were the result of a severe/ignorant state of mind. Apart from the fact that almost every chronic illness or general internal illness can be cured, it is imperative to look at this fact from a different mental state. In that regard, most illnesses represent detoxification processes of one's mind, body, and spirit systems.

Diseases are healing processes

healing processesA flu infection is basically a pure detoxification process of your own organism. The bacterial strains that occur more frequently in the corresponding places are not our enemies, but much more important companions, who in such a case are part of an intelligent cleaning process and accordingly support the organism in removing slags, toxins, acids and heavy energies from the polluted areas. This basic detoxification/healing principle can be applied to almost any disease (Of course there are exceptions, but they confirm the rule). Cancer, i.e. degenerated cell mutations, apart from their spiritual cause (which will be explained in detail later), attributed to an overly acidic, mineral-poor, oxygen-poor and inflammatory cell environment. The organism tries to compensate for the deficiencies through appropriate mutations or these deficiencies allow the cells to degenerate (the organism tries to heal itself, which is made more difficult due to the continuous intake of poison). Ultimately, it is precisely these deficiencies that result in chronic or even serious illnesses if they are not remedied. A disease, by the way, a word that fits the 3D world perfectly (because the old world sees and speaks in frequencies, which in turn carry the information of "sick" instead of "salvation" - hospitals instead of healing houses - the information of "being sick"), but basically represents nothing more than a healing process of one's own organism. This perspective alone provides our own energy system with significantly more healing information (for it is an easy/healing view - a harmonious belief). Instead of saying "I'm sick", our cells receive the information "I'm going through a healing process". And since spirit rules matter and all of our cells are totally responsive to our own thoughts, sensations, or spiritual alignment, it is of the utmost importance to realign it into a space of healing. As far as this is concerned, there are therefore two fundamental aspects through which we can keep our entire system in a healing state holistically and, above all, permanently. 

The healing power of your self-image 

The healing power of your self-imageThe most important point is, of course, the healing power of our own self-image or our own mind. In this context, our entire mental/mental spectrum has a permanent effect on our own organism. The healer or holier/healed the image we have of ourselves, the more harmonious is the influence on our cells. A great self-image in which one sees oneself as holy (sacred being, the source, creator, god) recognizes and above all feels sacred (travel/accept highest images/identifications as pure consciousness), in which one becomes fully aware of one's own mental abilities, therefore ensures that we constantly send healing information to our cells. Because of this, not only do many profoundly spiritual people look significantly younger than their peers, but they almost never get sick (and have already been able to heal many chronic diseases and problems). I can only say the same thing about myself, since I woke up and subsequently adjusted my self-image and my spiritual direction towards holiness, I have hardly ever gotten sick at all. In the last few years, say 2014-2 times at most since 3 and once I accidentally drank stale/contaminated water. The greatest creative power of all lies hidden in our spirit and we can use it to create worlds (our organism/ourselves) destroy or heal. Anyone who is always angry, upset or constantly in fear supplies his cell milieu with discordant information or heavy energies (but we should relieve ourselves instead of complaining). Otherwise, the cells react to their own disharmonious spirit and the body releases stress hormones. As a result, your entire organism is permanently shaken. As does small self-image and a weak/ignorant/unholy mind (a state in which there is no awareness of one's own sanctity).

Your beliefs create healing or destruction

He is not able to supply his cells and especially his energy system with the information of healing, instead he bathes in helplessness and beliefs that make him weaker ("I'm sick", "I'll get sick", "It's flu season again, I have to be careful", "I'm getting older", "I'm insignificant" etc.). The result is then always the emergence of deficiencies, which then lead to "diseases". The same applies to inner conflicts, unfulfillment and deep trauma. As the saying goes, it's not the back that hurts, but rather the burden that we have burdened ourselves with. Basically, all unbalanced internal states smooth the emergence of various deficiencies. But the holier/healer we become, the more we elevate our own spirit and consequently allow pure light to flow into our body through our spirit/through ourselves, the faster it heals. It is therefore of elementary importance that we make our own spirit and thus our energy body shine again, the opposite of what the system wants. That is why the information of healing, being whole, divinity, God and holiness is so strongly present on this page, it is the return to the highest and also to the most joyful, balanced and healing state. The world is constantly fueled with fear and chaos. The illusory world in particular wants to draw us into its reality by any means necessary so that we let fear keep us ailing and controllable. Therefore, stop the game of limitation and begin to bathe your mind in supreme information. Put your energies into healing instead of the system, instead of division, fear and disharmony. It is not for nothing that love is said to have by far the strongest healing power of all. It is the most healing energy that we can in turn revive in our spirit. And who bathes completely in self-love, love or unconditional love, he also experiences complete holiness at the same time, because there is hardly anything more holy/healing than letting love penetrate completely into one's own spirit. Spontaneous and miraculous healings are then absolutely possible. As I said, every illness is first born in a conflict-ridden and difficult or dark mental state.

The healing power of a natural diet

Natural NutritionThe second essential aspect of healing one's own system, which is of course directly linked to our own mind, is our diet. After all, nutrition is ultimately just a product of our own mind. The choice of our daily foods is always born in our own mind first before we put the choice into action, as is with everything in existence. First we imagine something and then we let the action become truth on a material level. A completely asleep (system following) Mind therefore creates a reality in which its daily food choices are more industrial and unnatural in nature. This is therefore the second major factor which in turn produces over-intoxication and consequent deficiencies (away from electrosmog, not spending enough time in nature, etc.). Through the daily intake of unnatural foods (Industrial food), which is firstly burdened with countless chemical additives and secondly has an extremely low energy level, we permanently withdraw energy from our own organism. On the other hand, he no longer manages to compensate for the constant physical poisoning, which results in the development of acute and long-term illnesses. And even without any chemical additives, we damage our cell environment. In particular, all animal products, all industrial foods, coffee, general addictive substances and also contaminated drinking water (i.e. tap water and most bottled water) acidify our own body immensely. Our cells get into an acidic state, oxygen saturation is reduced over time and inflammation/deficiencies become manifest.

The most wholesome foods

medicinal plantBut Hippocrates already said: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". The energy of healing is anchored in a completely natural diet. Medicinal plants, sweet grass, sprouts, home-grown vegetables/fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, roots, tree resin (and spring water), ideally in raw form, can completely rejuvenate our entire organism. In this regard, I also have a good friend who is 56 years old and looks like he is in his early 40s. And what does he do, he has lived exclusively on raw food for many years. Of course, the implementation of a raw diet, especially a vegan raw diet, i.e. an absolutely natural diet, is anything but easy, because it goes hand in hand with the dissolution and overcoming of all deep-seated conditioning and dependencies. It is the ending of our gluttony, the overcoming of one of the greatest self-imposed limitations of all, or even the cleansing of the greatest dominance of all (we allow ourselves to be controlled). It is not for nothing that gluttony is considered a mortal sin. It is a permanent self-imposed seduction and surrender to the dense world that we permanently burden ourselves with and consequently accelerate our aging process. Raw food, or to put it another way, a completely natural diet has an unadulterated and original energy density.

A natural diet

Cooked food, which of course can also be very beneficial and invigorating (Especially within an illness or healing process, a soup can be very constructive), the great disadvantage arises that not only many micronutrients or even elementary substances such as organic sulfur are massively destroyed, but the energy level is also lowered. Basically, countless disadvantageous processes can now be listed here, but that would go beyond the scope of this article. It's a kind of seduction and habit we indulge in every day. Unprocessed plants from nature, for example, have such a high energy density at their core and have such an enormous spectrum of vital substances that they allow our spirit to tune in to originality. It's just the substances and natural frequencies that our mother nature provides us with for the true supply of our mind, body and soul system. Medicinal plants from the forest, i.e. plants that were permanently surrounded by the natural influences of the forest itself during their emergence and growth, carry the entire energy spectrum of the forest itself. The peace, the play of colours, the natural sounds, the optimal forest/nutrient medium, all this information is carried by the plants and all this information reaches our cells directly when we eat it. Healing energies and vital substances then flow into our energy system, which results in a basic, balanced, oxygen-rich and inflammation-free cell environment, especially if your own mind is then also in a balanced state, whereby of course you also have to keep in mind here that a natural diet draws one's spirit more into a state of harmony, just as a holy/exalted spirit sooner or later attracts a wholesome diet.

Make your system shine

Ultimately, it is this special combination that allows us to make our entire energy body glow. It is possible to make all cells completely heal again. In which we eliminate the state that is permanently poisoned by our mind and then not only let a holy image of ourselves come to life, i.e. a healed/elevated state of consciousness, but we also allow the most natural energy to move into our organism through a healing diet , the quicker we'll create a physique that's nearly unbreakable and brimming with healing. As always, the possibility of such a change lies in our own creative power. We ourselves decide which world we let become truth. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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