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Medicinal plants

For about two and a half months I have been going to the forest every day, harvesting a wide variety of medicinal plants and then processing them into a shake (Click here for the first medicinal plant article – Drinking the Forest – How it all began). Since then my life has changed in a very special way As already mentioned several times, I was able to attract more abundance into my life. Ultimately, since then I have also gained an incredible amount of self-knowledge and I was also able to immerse myself in completely new states of consciousness, i.e., in particular the aspect of abundance, an approach to my true nature-loving being and the experience of completely new living conditions, which in turn corresponded to my changed mental state, stung particularly prominent.

living food

Blackberry leaves

Blackberry leaves – rich in chlorophyll, countless vital substances and, above all, to be found in large quantities at any time of the year. The enormous occurrence, worldwide, almost feels like a call from nature to make use of this medicinal plant every day...

In this context, this has its reasons, because the unadulterated food from nature has an energetic signature or informative structure (coding), which in turn represents the abundance of nature. Ultimately, one could also speak of light food, because the medicinal plants are extremely lively. In this regard, it is also important to understand that apart from our mind, our diet is largely responsible for our mental and physical health. Of course, our diet is ultimately a product of our own mind (After all, our food choices are made mentally), just as countless other factors also come into play here, through which we can improve our health (Clearing up inner conflicts, harmonious beliefs, sporting activity/lots of exercise, etc.). Nevertheless, the choice of our food is of great importance and can be responsible for fundamental changes. The liveliness of our food plays a particularly important role. In this regard, this is also an aspect that is completely neglected in today's world. The food within the system (obtained from supermarkets and the like) has a very low level of vitality, on the one hand because the corresponding foods have been heavily processed or even enriched with countless chemical additives and on the other hand because they are exposed to noise, loveless conditions and high temperatures have suffered. Of course, such foods can be filling and serve different purposes at the same time, no question about it, but the missing "aliveness aspect" in turn affects our entire energy system in the long run, especially if these foods are consumed over a longer period of time.

Every illness that overtakes us in the course of our life always finds its origin in our spirit, apart from a few exceptions that make it difficult to see. Here one also likes to speak of an imbalanced mental state, which in turn exerts a stressful influence on our entire cell milieu. Internal conflicts are therefore largely responsible for the development of an illness. The same goes for an unnatural lifestyle/diet/lack of exercise, which is mostly the result of an unconscious mind. Diseases are therefore a product of our mind and remind us that our system is out of balance. They are therefore impulses that would like to draw our attention to a destructive circumstance in life. Alone the liberation from correspondingly stressful living conditions, be it sustainable job situations or even unnatural lifestyles, can therefore work real miracles..!!  

If our mind is also subject to a certain imbalance, i.e. if we ourselves have to struggle with inner conflicts, we create a cell environment that strongly promotes the development of diseases (Low oxygen saturation in the blood, hyperacidity, inflammation - the body's own functionalities become out of balance). The result is illnesses that become manifest in our system and consequently draw our attention to a disturbed inner balance (illness as the language of our soul - it is not normal to get sick often - the same applies to a rapid aging process - disturbed regeneration).

Absorb the spirit/coding of the plants

Light food - even in winter

Chickweed – Rich in vitamin C, rich in various other minerals (potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron) and also widespread worldwide. A medicinal plant that perfectly represents the richness of our nature...

For this reason, we can massively promote our inner healing process with living food. In particular, sprouts, vegetables (preferably home-grown - true organic), natural fruit, unroasted nuts, various seeds, etc. are therefore extremely beneficial. The natural fruits of the forest/nature are particularly worth mentioning here, because when it comes to the aspect of the density of vital substances, the aspect of liveliness and, above all, the aspect of naturalness, this primal food cannot be compared with anything and there are reasons for that, because This food contains nature's unadulterated information deep within. They are therefore medicinal plants (I am now referring to forests) that were created under the best conditions, namely in peace, surrounded by life/liveliness, the natural sounds and colors of the forest and the untouchedness of humans (to a certain extent - what I'm interested in here is direct contact and the exchange of resonance). All of this natural information flows into the medicinal plants and shapes their inner core immensely. Consequently, when consuming (aside from the fact that there is direct contact with the plants/nature during the harvest), we take in all the information and this in turn has a very inspiring influence on our entire system. Ultimately, it is also the principle of natural abundance that we incorporate, because no matter what aspect you look at naturally occurring medicinal plants, they always show the aspect of natural abundance. On the one hand, they are unrivaled in terms of the density of vital substances (available on medicinal plants from all continents - natural green medicinal plants in particular are bursting with chlorophyll/biophotons - blood formation is stimulated, oxygen saturation increases), on the other hand, they show a wealth of natural information/frequency influences, as is not the case even with home-grown food.

Self-cultivated food, for example vegetables, also has a significantly more vitality, vital substance density and more natural coding, but cannot be compared with food that has arisen within nature without external influence. Due to the breeding, completely different information flows in here (not the information of a completely natural environment/other frequency influences. This also does not mean that home-grown vegetables are bad, quite the opposite, just want to draw attention to the even higher/more natural level of information - here there are just differences.A medicinal plant that matured in a forest or in your own garden was exposed to completely different influences and therefore brings with it different information that we absorb when we eat it afterwards..!!

There is also the aspect that we incorporate the spirit of the plant when we consume it. In this context, everything in existence is also spiritual in nature. Everything represents a spiritual expression and medicinal plants also have different powers, different spiritual expressions and also a completely individual coding (energetic signature). As a result, these natural energetic influences enter our organism, which means that one could also say that one absorbs nature or the information of nature/the forest.

Light food – even in winter

Light food - even in winterAnd one aspect of this information is abundance, for not only is our true divine nature based on abundance, so is the information within nature. A forest also perfectly embodies the principle of abundance, yes, it is ultimately also nature and nature always shows abundance, which can only evade our own perception due to a strong system imprint. The forest alone provides us with an abundance of medicinal plants, even in winter. I don't even need to talk about spring and summer. If the tremendous growth begins at these times, then within a very short time an abundance arises that only exists in nature and that by itself, free of charge, independently (Nature always comes with an independence - system with a dependency), unconditionally (away from water, sunlight, etc. you will surely understand what this unconditionality refers to), in a completely natural way, without human intervention, because it is the natural (god given) abundance. Even in winter (I was out and about every day) there is a huge selection of medicinal plants/herbs. It is often said that it is difficult to harvest medicinal plants in winter or during icy months. My experience was completely different and even in the last few weeks, some of which were icy/frosty due to the temperatures, I was able to locate/harvest countless medicinal plants within just a few minutes. Of course, stinging nettles and some other plants (e.g. dead nettles) were significantly less represented, but there were some specimens of them too. Whether it's blackberry leaves (which you can always find in masses), chickweed, common ground ground, clove root, bedstraw or even some dandelion specimens (and there are countless other plants at these times), if you focus on the natural abundance, you will also be in you can find what you're looking for at any time of the year. It is therefore a very special aspect that can lead us completely back to nature and also shows us the natural abundance.

There are no weeds, just herbs whose benefits we have not yet become aware of..!!

For this reason, regular consumption is accompanied by increased abundance, simply because we then absorb the natural information, especially the information of fullness, calm, richness, into our system. As a result, we also experience a change in our own mental state, which automatically resonates with more natural abundance. In these two and a half months, to come back to this aspect, so much has changed in my life and it was only after a few weeks, in which I suddenly felt significantly more full, that I was able to establish the connection to the medicinal plants, along with that natural abundance, connect/feel. Since then, I have been given more and more life circumstances that are characterized by abundance instead of lack. It also refers to all circumstances, be it my vitality, my financial situation, my basic feelings, my self-knowledge or even the abundance of love. It is amazing how strong the effects of the medicinal plants were and continue to be, which is why I can highly recommend it to each of you. It will definitely change your life for the better and allow you to experience completely new states of consciousness. Well, finally, I would like to refer you again to a video of mine in which I also addressed the topic and at the same time harvested some medicinal plants in the forest. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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