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Human history

Human history must be rewritten, that much is certain. More and more people are now becoming aware that the history of mankind presented to us has been taken completely out of context, that true historical events have been completely distorted in the interests of powerful families. A story of disinformation that ultimately serves mind control. If mankind knew what really happened in the past centuries and millennia, if they knew, for example, the true causes/triggers of the first two world wars, if they knew that thousands of years ago advanced cultures populated our planet or even that we represented powerful authorities only represent human capital, then a revolution would take place tomorrow. But everything happens step by step and so, due to a current spiritual awakening, humanity is moving in small steps towards this global revolution.

When history needs to be rewritten

Sacred geometryThe signs of a current cosmic change, clues that point to earlier advanced civilizations - i.e. civilizations that had an extremely expanded state of consciousness and were well aware of the true human origins - can be found everywhere on our planet. One has the feeling that such signs are appearing more and more at this time or that more attention is being paid to them. There is, for example, sacred geometry, a divine symbolism that can be depicted in a perfectionistic order and, due to its harmonious arrangement, represents an image of our immaterial source. In this context, this sacred geometry has been immortalized throughout our planet. You always hear about that flower of Life. The Flower of Life, consisting of 19 intertwined circles, is a sacred symbol that embodies the harmonious principles and has been immortalized in various places and buildings on all continents. There are even places where the Flower of Life was engraved into the atomic structure of pillars thousands of years ago without showing any errors in its depiction. Whether Europe, Asia, America or even Africa, the flower of life can be found everywhere and is fascinating more and more people. Apart from that, there is, for example, the golden ratio, a sacred constant with the help of which, for example, the perfectly constructed pyramids of Giza or in general all pyramids and pyramid-like buildings were built.

The earlier advanced civilizations knew exactly about the cosmic cycle..!!

That is, several thousand years ago, when humanity did not even have advanced tools, buildings were constructed with a constant that remains a huge mystery even today. Ultimately, this constant was used by the advanced cultures of the time, and in exactly the same way many of the Flower of Life images were immortalized by these advanced cultures to represent the coming humanity or the coming, more ignorant generations (attributable to a change - 13.000 years of high consciousness/high vibration frequencies, 13.000 years low consciousness/low vibration frequencies) to be able to draw attention to our true cause. Ultimately, it took a long time for this symbolism, for sacred geometry to be noticed by many people again.

Sacred geometry is coming back into the focus of many people and turning our history on its head..!!

Of course, past personalities have always dealt with this geometry, for example Plato or even Leonardo da Vinci. Nevertheless, only now, since the new cosmic cycle has begun, is sacred geometry once again becoming the focus of awakening humanity. What else this geometry is all about and why it represents our original reason, why it basically turns the entire history of humanity on its head, can be found out in the following video that I can only highly recommend to you. 🙂

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