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relationships of the new age

Since time immemorial, partnerships have been an aspect of human life that we feel receives our most attention and is also of incredible importance. Partnerships fulfill unique salvific purposes, because within of a partnership, patterns and shares are reflected to us, which only appear in such a connection (at least as a rule, – as is well known, there are always exceptions). Partnerships are therefore incredibly important for our own spiritual well-being. These are bonds that - even across incarnations - represent a part of our process of becoming whole and also allow us to experience states that can be characterized by the highest ecstasy and connection, especially since these are powerful forces of attraction, the unification of the Oppositeness, the merging into oneness that one cannot otherwise feel, especially within an unfulfilled state of consciousness.

partnerships in the new era

Partnerships of earlier times – 3D

For this reason, the topic of partnership has also been full of karmic entanglements for centuries (or an unfulfilled topic, accompanied by a lot of self-injury) and shows many aspects that could hardly be seen through, especially in the past low-frequency decades. A circumstance that can be traced back to people who not only had a lack of self-love and also a lack of divine connection (Barely pronounced awareness our creation, our wholeness, our divinity), but were also not aware of their own completeness. Corresponding partnerships were therefore often accompanied by countless burdens, communication problems and conflicts, which of course was important for our prosperity, but in the long run reflected a certain unfulfillment. Ultimately, it couldn't have been any other way, because apart from countless destructive dogmas, which were particularly prevalent at that time, mankind was mentally in a certain state of sleep. One experienced low-frequency states on all planes of existence and was in no way aware of one's own mental powers. In utter dependence on an unnatural and spiritually repressive system, in which our own egoistic minds became overactive and a deep connection to all that exists was undermined, we consequently experienced lives and especially partnerships based on:

  • Dependence
    – make oneself dependent on the life of the other, cannot live without the other or lack of self-sufficiency
  • possession
    – the partner would belong to us and should, if necessary, act according to our feelings
  • jealousy
     – Lack of self-love and the associated fear of being able to lose love in the outside world/of the partner, which ultimately only leads to the “loss” of the partner, – One’s own behavior, resulting from one’s own lack of self-love, creates distance and is unattractive in the long run
  • habit/unloving
    – destructive habit, – one no longer appreciates the partner and the partnership in the long run
  • control/bans
    – one cannot leave and love the being of the other as it is. You exercise control, restrict. Love is conditional
  • self-doubt
    – Doubts about yourself, lack of self-love, you may not find yourself attractive enough, you are not self-aware (lack of self-confidence), which then also leads to a fear of loss and consequently to conflicts
  • sexual blunting
    - Sexuality serves purely to satisfy one's own instincts, instead of a sacred and above all healing connection/merging, - the union of opposites - pure love, wholeness, completeness, cosmic connection, - highest common ecstasy - towards cosmic orgasms/feelings, - living out together / fathom divine states 
  • disputes
    – One is repeatedly subject to strong friction, quarrels, – power struggles arise, one yells at one another, in the worst case, violence reigns, – actions that are far removed from one’s own divinity, – at corresponding moments one is not aware of one’s own divinity, man acts contrary, - "dark" consciousness
  • Strict role allocation
    – Women and men have to take on fixed roles, – one has to be what society and/or religion has always prescribed for one, instead of a free bond in which the woman is fully in her feminine power and the man is fully in his masculine Power stands - located within the balance of one's own male and female parts
  • Prohibitions, - social and religious dogmas
    – Sexuality not before marriage, you can only love one partner – more on that below, want to control the partner, – strict rules
  • closedness
    - Lack of disclosure of one's own self, - Always keep secrets, longings or even unfulfilled thoughts/inner conflicts to yourself instead of sharing them with your partner, - Closed heart

based and always reflected an imperfection and unfulfillment. All of these relationships therefore always reflected our own limited state of consciousness and indirectly called for further development, maturity and growth. The experience of corresponding 3D partnerships was therefore extremely important and subsequently went hand in hand with countless healing processes. Well, nevertheless, we are currently in a time in which humanity is about to break all self-imposed limits. There is therefore also an optimal energy quality in order to be able to expand one's own spirit in high-frequency directions/dimensions again.

When you love yourself, you love those around you. If you hate yourself, you hate those around you. Your relationship with others is just a reflection of yourself. – Osho..!!

A 5th Dimension Plunge (high state of consciousness) is becoming more and more feasible and this ultimately goes hand in hand with countless aspects, such as abundance (an abundance instead of a lack consciousness), wisdom, love (especially self-love, which is ultimately projected onto the outside world - love), independence, self-sufficiency, grounding, limitlessness, infinity and freedom.

Partnerships in the new era – 5D

relationships of the new ageAnd from this newly created state of consciousness there are also completely free relationships, namely relationships or rather connections, based on freedom and love. You then no longer need a relationship partner to feel complete or even fulfilled, but you share your own completeness with another person. One reveals one's own self-created abundance to another loved one (and to the world) without any strings attached. Yes, such a high-frequency state of consciousness even destroys countless of your own needs, simply because you have entered into your own self-love and therefore feel neither lack nor fear of loss or a feeling of worthlessness in yourself. Ultimately, therefore, in such a state of consciousness, one does not need a partner. You're not looking for someone else (the search for a relationship partner due to a lack of self-love, – loneliness, – lack, – what belongs to you automatically comes to you), because you know that you only need/have yourself, because you have married yourself in the truest sense of the word. And then, yes, then miracles happen and connections automatically arise (reveal themselves) that are completely under the sign of 5D, or rather under the sign of the new era, without having to be subject to any limitations and without any destructive dogmas. One has matured so much mentally, one is so aware of one's own completeness, that one then automatically attracts living conditions that correspond to one's true being and one's own natural abundance. And that can then be a partner with whom you want to share your completeness. In exactly the same way, it is also possible that you experience the path to becoming whole together with a partner, i.e. within a very special connection, which of course, at least as a rule, requires a corresponding degree of mental/emotional maturity (otherwise this is only possible with difficulty, especially since a deadlock/rigidity is often lived out within a low-frequency partnership, which breaks both – separation), i.e. you thrive together, grow together and, thanks to such a magical relationship, can complete the process of becoming whole. Well, such a connection, which is full of magic, miracles and love (self-love), reflects our own love and divinity in a special way.

True communication between people does not take place on the verbal level. Building and maintaining relationships requires a loving awareness expressed in direct action. What you do matters, not what you say. The mind creates the words, but they only have meaning at the level of the mind. They cannot eat the word "bread" nor live on it. It only gives an idea and only acquires meaning when you actually eat the bread. – Nisargadatta Maharaj..!!

There are then only as good as no more dissolution processes, since one has found oneself. Conflicts then also no longer arise, why should they, one has matured to such an extent that one no longer needs the relevant experience. Corresponding relationships do not reflect any of our own shadow parts, but only our love.

In the end it's always about us

relationships of the new ageHowever, the loved one then still “functions” as a mirror of our own divinity or as a mirror of our own inner state, as is always the case with every circumstance and every person. Our counterpart always embodies our innermost being, because the outer world ultimately represents a projection of our inner world, i.e. our spirit. This becomes particularly clear in partnerships in particular, because our own partner reflects our deepest and most hidden patterns, yes, he reflects our own creation directly. Above all, our own unfulfilled parts or states, in which we are not aware of our own perfection, always come to the surface in relationships, as already described in the first section. Ultimately, it is always about our own self-love, about rediscovering our own divinity (within a relationship it is ultimately about ourselves, about our inner becoming whole - a state that in turn creates the basis for a completely fulfilled partnership in which no restrictions prevail). When we have temporarily left our own heart energy and live out a lack of self-love, relationships reflect the corresponding lack state very strongly (self-love/self-confidence, if they are anchored in us, is also played back). Of course, you can take advantage of the whole thing, especially if you reflect on yourself, recognize (recognize) the corresponding projection and then let a circumstance, characterized by more self-love, become manifest again.

The purpose of a relationship is not that you have another person who completes you, but that you can share your completeness with that other person. – Neale Donald Walsch..!!

Those who succeed in doing this and who, above all, within the process of spiritual awakening, find their own self-love will find that at the end of the day they only need themselves (marry yourself - and then experience a partnership based on true love - the love of oneself, which in turn allows one to truly love one's partner as well, without limitations, without attachments). Dependencies within a partnership are resolved and a relationship begins that is all about 5D (relationships of the new age), i.e. a connection based on freedom, love, independence and reciprocity, a union of opposites, due to the union of one's own opposites. You don't restrict, you don't cling, you don't judge, you don't fear loss, but you let a lot more being, release and only create space for love. There are then also no prohibitions and no more limits, because then it is a connection based on limitlessness and infinity, without pain and without suffering. In exactly the same way, one is no longer subject to any classical dogmas. For example, if you want to share love with another person, temporarily as a necessary experience, within such a mature relationship, you do so without creating a conflict, otherwise you would choose to follow a different path within your own perfection . You know and then feel that the other person does not belong to you, i.e. complete freedom prevails. Likewise, it would then, if necessary, no longer happen, because at the end of the day it boils down to a connection, namely the sacred connection/merging of the opposites, between woman (as goddess) and man (as god).

healing for the world

healing connectionAnd such a sacred connection/union, as gods, that has been all but impossible in the past low-frequency decades/centuries (which, by the way, does not necessarily have to happen, for example because one only wants to act out of the connection to oneself, to one's own divinity, without such a connection. Everyone decides that for themselves, in their reality, we are the creators and choose for ourselves what should happen/experience, which world we then create) is subsequently balm for the world, because the jointly created light, which is maintained by both connected hearts (through your own heart), exerts an influence on the collective field or on the entire existence that is enormous or can hardly be put into words. You then truly let the world shine through your own and shared love. It is then a totally sacred and healing relationship/connection for the entire world (our thoughts and emotions are always flowing out into the world, we as creation ourselves, affecting everything) which cannot be compared with anything. A corresponding sexual union then also lets a love and a light radiate (because of the divine feelings that accompany it) that breaks all boundaries, a 100% merger & union. And since we are experiencing an extreme frequency increase in the current age of spiritual awakening and more and more people are becoming aware of their own divinity and also their own spirituality, more and more space is also being created for correspondingly light-filled 5D connections. For this reason, over the next few years, more and more such sacred connections will emerge and illuminate the world, simply as we humans begin to manifest our own light again. We thrive mentally and emotionally, develop massively, break through all our self-created barriers (programs) and then, if we want to, experience a sacred relationship based on true love. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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    • Iris 11. August 2019, 10: 48

      That's how it should be

    • Berth61 4. December 2022, 0: 39

      A wonderful description of the heavenly possibility of having divine experiences in our humanity with the Goddess...

    Berth61 4. December 2022, 0: 39

    A wonderful description of the heavenly possibility of having divine experiences in our humanity with the Goddess...

    • Iris 11. August 2019, 10: 48

      That's how it should be

    • Berth61 4. December 2022, 0: 39

      A wonderful description of the heavenly possibility of having divine experiences in our humanity with the Goddess...

    Berth61 4. December 2022, 0: 39

    A wonderful description of the heavenly possibility of having divine experiences in our humanity with the Goddess...