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For some time now, particularly since December 21, 2012, humanity has been in an overarching process of awakening. This phase heralds the beginning of a tremendous change for our planet, a change that will ultimately lead to the fact that all structures based on lies, disinformation, deception, hatred and greed will gradually disintegrate. A free world will emerge from the ashes of these long-superfluous programs, a world in which global peace and, above all, justice will prevail again. Ultimately, this is not a utopia either, but a golden age that is being ushered in by a current collective awakening people will reach 1000% in the next few decades.

Effects of the coming golden age

Effects of the coming golden ageOf course, it will still take a while before that happens, so not all structures based on destructiveness can dissolve overnight, that kind of thing just takes a certain amount of time. Likewise, the collective awakening will not happen overnight, otherwise we would have known about this imminent revolution long ago. Well then, this article is not meant to be about the time leading up to the golden age, nor is it about the dissolution of programs based on disinformation and deception. This article is much more about a video I shared on Facebook recently, sharing some interesting perspectives on wildlife. Basically, I was confronted with this topic a few years ago. I can't remember the exact source, but the article said it was coming golden age will also lead to the fact that the animal world will calm down again and there will be no more predators in the sense. In this article it was also written that through the awakening of the collective state of consciousness - which then aligns itself again towards harmony, peace, balance and equilibrium - the animals will automatically do the same and, due to the high vibrational circumstance, will get a more peaceful mind in all respects become. Lions and bears that attack people, for example, should then no longer exist, on the contrary, since mankind will then live in harmony with nature and the animal world, instead of completely exploiting + trampling them, there will be a peaceful coexistence of people and animals give. Ultimately, during this time, the collective state of consciousness of the animal world will no longer be constantly frightened by people, much more everything should then normalize again and a peaceful balance will then shape all collective structures. Anyway, it's been a few years since I read this article and since then I've rarely thought about this topic.

Due to the further development of the collective state of consciousness and the associated creation of a more peaceful circumstance, the animal world will also adapt to this development and experience more balance overall..!!

A few weeks ago, when I poked around the net a bit, this changed. I watched a video called God Didn't Create Predators, a video that echoed everything I read in the article a few years ago. This video also explained exactly why animals and humans will eventually live together peacefully again and, above all, why the animal world will also experience a certain spiritual balance again. Since this video is really good in terms of content and the whole topic was explained in a very understandable way, I thought I would write an article about it and present this video to you. In this sense, I can only recommend the video to you and wish you a lot of fun watching it.

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