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In the course of life, we humans experience a wide variety of consciousness and living conditions. Some of these circumstances are filled with happiness, others with unhappiness. For example, there are moments when we just have the feeling that everything is somehow coming to us with ease. We feel good, happy, satisfied, self-confident, strong and enjoy such upswing phases. On the other hand, we are also living through dark times. Moments when we just don't feel good, are dissatisfied with ourselves, experience depressive moods and at the same time feel like we are being followed by bad luck. In such phases we usually come to the conclusion that life is not kind to us and cannot understand how this could have happened, why we have created a state of consciousness that permanently resonates with lack instead of abundance.

Everything arises in you

Everything arises in youAs a result, one then sinks into a mental chaos that apparently takes on ever greater proportions. In the end, however, we always ignore an important fact and that is the fact that we are responsible for our own circumstances. At the end of the day, everything happens inside of us. All of life is ultimately just an immaterial/mental projection of our own state of consciousness. Everything that one perceives, sees, hears or even feels in this regard is not experienced externally, but within oneself. Everything takes place within oneself, one experiences everything within oneself and everything arises out of oneself. In this context, you are the creator of your own life and no one else. You yourself have a consciousness, your own thoughts and create your own reality. What happens in it and what is allowed depends on each person. In exactly the same way, one is also responsible for thoughts and, above all, feelings that one legitimizes in one's own mind.

You are the creator of your own state of consciousness. Everything you experience in life always takes place in your own mind..!!

For example, if you are betrayed by a good friend, then it is up to you how badly you let it hurt you. You can get into it and fret about it for weeks, focus on it and draw negativity from it for weeks.

The realignment of your state of consciousness

Or you consider the whole thing again as an unavoidable experience from which you could draw important lessons. Ultimately, however, you cannot blame other people for your own problems and circumstances (even if it is of course always the easiest). You get involved with things yourself, allow trains of thought in your own consciousness and decide on certain life situations. That's exactly how it works with happiness and unhappiness. Neither arises from the outside, does not just fly to us, but both arise within us. "There is no way to happiness, because happiness is the way"! We are always responsible for whether we create happiness, joy and harmony in our own consciousness, or whether we legitimize unhappiness, sadness and disharmony in our own mind. Both are always related to the orientation of one's own state of consciousness. In the end, one always attracts into one's life what corresponds to the vibrational frequency of one's own state of consciousness. If you feel bad, unsatisfied and have an inner imbalance, then your consciousness automatically resonates with these things. As a result, nothing will change in your own circumstances, on the contrary, you will only draw more such thoughts into your own life. The living conditions will not improve and you will continue to perceive only a deterioration in your own condition. Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. What you think and feel, what corresponds to your inner convictions and beliefs, is increasingly drawn into your own life.

One always draws things into one's own life that ultimately also correspond to the vibration frequency of one's own state of consciousness..!!

For example, a person who is happy, content and grateful will automatically attract these things into their own lives. One's state of consciousness then resonates with abundance and harmony. As a result, one will only attract and experience the same thing. For this reason, the alignment of our own state of consciousness is essential. Only when we manage to resonate with happiness and harmony in this context will we also manifest both permanently in our own reality.

By positively realigning our own state of consciousness, we will brighten up our lives and will automatically attract new life situations surrounded by happiness..!!

Problems cannot be solved from a negatively oriented state of consciousness. Only when we change our own mental spectrum again, discard old habits and start looking at life from new perspectives, will we be able to bring about a reorientation of our own state of consciousness. It depends on each person himself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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