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Self-healing is a phenomenon that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this context, more and more people are becoming aware of the power of their own thoughts and are realizing that healing is not a process that is activated from the outside, but a process that takes place within our own mind and subsequently within ours body takes place. In this context, every person has the potential to heal themselves completely. This usually works when we realize a positive alignment of our own state of consciousness again, when we old traumas, negative early childhood events or karmic baggage, that has accumulated in our subconscious over the years.

Healthy without medicine

Positive MindIn this regard, it is also important to understand that every illness has a spiritual cause. Serious illnesses, illnesses that are often diagnosed as incurable, are based on strong intellectual problems, on traumata that have had a strong impact on us in our childhood and have since been stored in our subconscious. In this context, these traumas are also based on the withdrawal of love and demands that parents have of their children. If, for example, you got bad grades in childhood, the parents withdraw love from the child as a result and stir up fears + requirements ("We will only love you again if you get good grades and meet our requirements or the requirements of the meritocracy ’), then this fear is stored in the subconscious. The child dreads having to show the bad grade to the parents, fears the reaction, and feels misunderstood after the conflict that arises afterwards. This creates fears, negative energies, mental wounds that promote or even cause secondary diseases in later life. Spontaneous healing occurs later in life when one becomes aware of this conflict again, understands the situation at the time and is able to put an end to it. This emotional reset ultimately leads to the formation of new synapses and illnesses can dissolve through this expansion of one's own mind. Healing always happens within a self for this reason. As I have often mentioned in my texts, doctors do not treat the cause of an illness, but only the symptoms.

Every illness can be cured without exception, but healing always takes place inside instead of outside..!!

If you have high blood pressure, you will be prescribed antihypertensive drugs (which also have strong side effects), but the cause of the high blood pressure, a negative thought spectrum, early childhood trauma or even an unnatural diet, is not explored, let alone treated. This is also a serious problem in our world today, people have forgotten how to use their own self-healing powers and rely far too much on external healing instead of internal healing.

Cases in which people spontaneously heal themselves have become more common in recent years. This is exactly what happened to the documentary filmmaker Clemens Kuby, who completely freed himself from his paraplegia with the help of his own mind..!!

Nevertheless, more and more people are becoming aware of their own self-healing powers, such as the documentary filmmaker and author Clemens Kuby. In 1981, the former co-founder of the Green Party fell 15 meters from a roof. Afterwards, the doctors diagnosed a paraplegia that would be incurable. But Clemens Kuby did not put up with this diagnosis in any way and so he used his strong will and healed himself completely. He got to know spontaneous healing and left the hospital on his own two feet after a year. Eventually he managed to free himself completely from his suffering and then embarked on a long journey to various shamans and healers around the world. An exciting and above all very impressive life story that you should definitely take a look at!! 🙂

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