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Spirit rules over matter and not vice versa. Our entire own life is therefore a product of our own thoughts and we humans control our own mind, our own body. We are not physical/human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual/mental/spiritual beings experiencing being human. A long identified themselves For a long time, many people had their own bodies, their own physical shells, and instinctively assumed that their own body, consisting of flesh and blood (simply put), represented their own existence.

We humans are spiritual beings

We humans are spiritual beingsUltimately, however, more and more people see through this self-imposed fallacy, engage more closely with their own origins and come to the realization that everything has a spiritual cause, that their entire life is only a result of their own thoughts. In this context, more and more people feel as if they are connected to everything in existence, as if the entire life is permeated by a force that, firstly, holds everything together and, secondly, connects us to everything. This gigantic, almost incomprehensible force represents a great spirit. Here we also like to speak of a great consciousness that gives form to all things in existence. We humans are an expression of this spirit and use part of this structure to explore and change our own lives. If we also open our eyes in this regard, then we see and feel this spirit continuously. Everything in existence is of a spiritual nature and if you look out of the window, for example, you will see a world that is in turn a result of this spirit. For this reason everything is of an immaterial/spiritual nature. The entire world is just a projection of our own state of consciousness - an immaterial projection. This great spirit, this apparently almost incomprehensible field, has already been given various names in the most diverse mystical writings and treatises (akasha, orgone, zero field, zero-point energy, Ki, etc.). For this reason, at the end of the day, everything is connected, because our space-timeless mind is connected to all spiritual fields and since everything in existence is essentially spiritual in nature, there is no separation, but rather permanent connection.

We humans are connected to everything that exists on an immaterial/spiritual level and because of this we have a massive influence on the collective spirit..!!

A connection to all of creation, which is why our own thoughts and emotions also have a massive impact on the collective state of consciousness. Ultimately, this topic and this knowledge is becoming more and more known and is currently spreading like wildfire throughout the world. More and more people are coming into contact with this topic and the whole thing is unstoppable, so the spread of this knowledge is much more a consequence of the current Age of Aquarius.

The spread of knowledge about our own origins is increasing day by day and is therefore unstoppable..!!

Complex cosmic events ensure that we humans are currently becoming more sensitive and are automatically confronted again with the knowledge of our own origins. This process is inevitable and will change the entire course of humanity in the next few years. In this context, I can only recommend the video linked below, in which this topic is addressed in a much more detailed manner. A great and, above all, very informative video that every one of you should have seen.

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