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Spirit rules over matter and not vice versa. A realization that is currently due to very special cosmic circumstances (cosmic cycle), reached countless people. More and more people are recognizing their true origins again, dealing with the limitless capabilities of their own minds and understanding again that consciousness is the highest authority in existence. Everything in this context arises out of consciousness. With the help of consciousness and the resulting thoughts, we create our own reality, create and change our own lives. This aspect of creation makes us humans very powerful. He shows us in a very special way that we humans are unique creators ourselves, spiritual beings who have a human experience.

The limitless power of our mind

Power of your own mindOur own lives are therefore a product of our own mental imagination. Every action that we have committed in this regard in our entire life arose from our own consciousness, from our own mental imagination. Thoughts charged with emotions, which we then realized on a material level. For example, you have a first date and you bring up the courage to kiss him or her - as soon as you do this, you are about to realize your thought, your desire. You use the power of your own mental imagination and thereby realize your own thoughts, create new experiences and thus change your life. In exactly the same way, your own state of consciousness would also automatically change as a result. In the example above, your state of consciousness would now suddenly resonate with love, happiness and joy. Ultimately, it would have changed your entire mood, your entire state of consciousness, and your entire reality. Countless positive changes brought about by the power of your own mind. A unique situation, due to one's own creative abilities. Our own mind is therefore a very powerful instrument and responsible for our own life. Nevertheless, many people underestimate the gigantic potential of their own mind and often consider many things to be impossible. But it is "disbelief" that prevents us from realizing certain trains of thought. As soon as you think something is impossible - mostly because you can't explain/understand it or don't want to understand it - you block your own intellectual abilities and reduce your potential for realization.

By firmly believing in an effect, you create a corresponding effect or, to put it another way, you attract into your life what corresponds to your own vibration frequency, the alignment of your own state of consciousness..!!

Only when you firmly believe in something, you feel it seen that way, you are convinced of it, can it become reality. Placebos that have an effect on patients, for example, only do so because of the patient's strong conviction. By firmly believing in an effect, an effect is created. For this reason it is also possible to accomplish things that are hardly comprehensible to one's own mind. Things that seem to go beyond your imagination and cannot be explained.

Mirin Dajo's special ability

In this context, reports kept appearing from people who apparently did not die and their own Aging process had finished. Or even people who could remember past lives, monks who had telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Everything can be accomplished with our own mind. There are no limits, only the limits we have imposed on ourselves through doubt and ignorance. For example, it is possible to end your own aging process, let things float or learn teleportation (The rediscovery of magical abilities). Of course, this is not an easy undertaking, since we humans have “lost” the connection to our soul, to our inner child, due to the materially oriented society. We are often open-minded and prejudiced towards things that seem too alien or abstract to us, and thus limit an important ability of our inner child (impartial thinking and acting). We judge too much and feel too little. We doubt ourselves too much and usually consider ourselves too insignificant or rather too incapable. "I can't do that", "That doesn't exist", "That's impossible", all negative beliefs, biased thinking, self-imposed limits. Nevertheless, everything is possible, everything is feasible. In this context, there have already been a number of people who have achieved the seemingly impossible. Mirin Dajo, born Arnold Henskes, was one of them. The Dutchman possessed the incredible ability of invulnerability. He himself had a key experience in this regard, which made him completely convinced that he was invulnerable. The amazing thing is that he actually proved it. For demonstration purposes, he allowed himself to be pierced several times during performances with stabbing weapons (rapiers and swords), thereby demonstrating his special ability.

Mirin Dajo broke all his bonds and made the seemingly impossible possible. He used the power of his own mind to create an invulnerable physical state..!!

Even scientists studied this case and confirmed its extraordinary ability. For example, they pierced him from the side, pierced all his organs, but he was completely unharmed, he wasn't even bleeding. Using his own mind, he managed to create an invulnerable physical state. You should therefore definitely take a look at the corresponding video. It demonstrates once again in an impressive way how a person goes beyond all his limits and makes the seemingly impossible possible.

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    • Claudia 16. August 2019, 23: 00

      I've known for a long time that I'm not like others. I'm an empath and my life has been very stressful up until now. Since I knew that thoughts create reality, I've been listening to affirmations to change my belief patterns

    Claudia 16. August 2019, 23: 00

    I've known for a long time that I'm not like others. I'm an empath and my life has been very stressful up until now. Since I knew that thoughts create reality, I've been listening to affirmations to change my belief patterns