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Freedom of speech

Since the newly started Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2012) there has been a massive spiritual advancement in the world. People are again increasingly exploring their own origins, dealing with the big questions of life and, at the same time, recognizing the true background of the current chaotic planetary circumstances. The consciously produced grievances are being uncovered more and more and the synchronized system media are losing more and more trust. As a result, people are becoming less and less fooled and are exposing the system based on disinformation.

The situation is becoming more critical

The situation is becoming more criticalA tremendous truth finding takes place and fewer and fewer people fall for the lies that are put in front of us every day. For this reason, our puppet politicians are losing more and more credibility and their questionable actions - which only reflect the interests of powerful families, lobbyists, bankers and other power instances - are increasingly being questioned. In the meantime, so many people are even aware of this fact that there is sometimes a real panic in the minds of the powerful. Nevertheless, the game continues to operate and every effort is made to continue to contain the state of consciousness of mankind. In this context, our freedom of expression is also being increasingly restricted. I have often mentioned in my texts that people who uncover these abuses or people who could pose a threat to the system because of their knowledge are specifically denounced.

Human Guardians have been conditioned by the system to ridicule + reject anything that does not conform to their own conditioned and inherited worldview..!!

I always like to mention the example of Xavier Naidoo, a well-known personality in Germany who drew attention to all these grievances and was subsequently deliberately exposed to ridicule. People who know about the machinations and make their knowledge known are immediately defamed as conspiracy theorists. In this way, one deliberately discredits the world of ideas of other people and creates an internally accepted exclusion towards these people in many people.

The suppression of the truth is increasing

The suppression of the truth is increasing"You don't want to have anything to do with such a person", "they're just weirdos anyway, conspiracy theorists who just make wild claims". Here one also speaks of so-called human guards. People who defend with all their might a system on which they have first been made dependent and secondly do not know why this system exists at all (Most of humanity does not understand what is happening on this planet and they do not even understand that it is does not understand). By the way, if you want to know more about the true origin of the word "conspiracy theorist", you should definitely read this article: The truth behind the word “conspiracy theory” (conditioning of the masses – language as a weapon). Coming back to the restrictions on freedom of expression, this is being suppressed more and more and people who draw attention to such issues are being targeted by the mainstream media. This restriction also takes place under the guise of so-called “fake news”, people who draw attention to such explosive topics, topics that could become dangerous for the system and are then specifically labeled as fake news. On the other hand, Facebook is now punishing sites that bring system-critical content. Our site has often been affected by this restriction. As soon as we are on Haarp, chemtrails, vaccinating and co. draw your attention, our range collapses massively from one day to the next. That's exactly how our income collapses and it takes a few days for us to recover from it to some extent. There have also been months in which our monthly income collapsed massively and at the end of the month we could only just pay our bills and then had nothing left (after the publication of our Haarp article at the time, we realized this for the first time) .

No matter what happens, we will not be intimidated or deterred and will always draw attention to these topics..!!

But does that scare us? NO, because when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty. For this reason, we will always draw attention to such topics, because it is extremely important and has become a matter close to our hearts. We won't let it get us down under any circumstances, even if we and especially other sides/people are being attacked more and more severely. Incidentally, the whole thing is to be tightened up even more in the coming years and system-critical pages will then be recognized by the Google algorithm and then completely banned. Even system-critical Facebook pages are then increasingly deleted, so that a state can be maintained in which the truth is suppressed on all levels of existence. Fortunately, things are not that far yet, but such content is being restricted more than ever. Heiko Schrang also reports on this Power-controls-knowledge.de about how he and other people have often been sued for their system-critical content and have tried with all their might to restrict their freedom of expression. In this context, he also reported on this problem in his latest video and explained exactly how and why this restriction takes place. A video that you should definitely watch. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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