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frequency adjustment

Since the year 2012 (December 21st) a new cosmic cycle started (entry into the Age of Aquarius, platonic year), our planet has continuously experienced an increase in its own frequency of vibration. In this context, everything in existence has its own vibration or vibration level, which in turn can rise and fall. In the past centuries there was always a very low vibratory milieu, which in turn meant that there was a lot of fear, hatred, oppression and ignorance about the world and one's own origin. Of course, this fact is still present today, but we humans are still going through a time when the whole thing is changing and more and more people are gaining a glimpse behind the scenes again. The time of sleeping, the time of ignorance, lies and disinformation is slowly ending and we are slowly but surely entering a whole new age.

Frequency matching to the earth

Frequency matching to the earthAs far as that is concerned, the vibration frequency of our planet keeps increasing and so "our" planet earth stays permanently in a high frequency. As for the human being itself, high vibrational frequencies are mostly generated by a positively aligned mind/state of consciousness. As soon as a person legitimizes positive thoughts in their own mind, for example thoughts of harmony, peace, love, etc., this always results in an increase in their own vibrational frequency. Negative thoughts, in turn, have a diminishing influence on our own vibrational frequency. For example, if you legitimize negative thoughts in your mind over a long period of time, thoughts of hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, etc., then this will subsequently lower your vibrational frequency. Ultimately, this makes us feel worse in the long run, our well-being deteriorates and our health can even suffer massively (keyword - weakening of the immune system|damage to our DNA, our cell environment). Nevertheless, due to a strong incoming cosmic radiation, our planet is currently increasing its own vibrational frequency, which in turn is having a very strong impact on the collective state of consciousness. Human beings also necessarily adjust their own frequency to that of the earth. This process is inevitable and can even be very painful for some people, and with good reason. Because of this strong frequency adjustment, our planet indirectly forces us to adjust our own frequency to its own. We are asked to create space for the positive, for the peaceful and above all for a true life.

In the current process of frequency matching, we can be confronted with our own fears, early childhood trauma, and other mental issues in an uncomfortable way. However, this only serves our own spiritual development..!!

A person who in turn has a strong mental and spiritual imbalance, has mental problems and trauma, or possibly even lives a life that is not in harmony with his own heart's desires, will then be confronted with these problems due to this frequency adjustment. Our subconscious then transports these inner discrepancies into our day-consciousness and prompts us to face these problems, accept them, and change them positively so that we can then create space for high frequencies or space for a positive life.

Only when we shed/dissolve/transform our own, self-created karmic ballast will we be able to create a life that is in harmony with our own soul..!!

For some, this process can therefore be felt to be very painful, because the frequency adjustment or, to put it another way, this confrontation with our own karmic ballast burdens our own psyche + physique. We feel our own discrepancies, we know that these must finally be eliminated and we are asked to finally create a life that fully corresponds to our own ideas. It is about creating a life in which we are no longer subject to fears, we become viable again and regain our own zest for life. A happy life, which in turn fully corresponds to our own wishes and spiritual ambitions. For this reason, the current frequency circumstance is also very important, because it heralds a change, to be precise a change in human civilization, which as a whole is becoming more sensitive, more spiritual, more harmonious and more peaceful. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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