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Seen in this way, the soul is the true self of a person. The soul also represents the high-vibrational, energetically light or rather the kind-hearted core of a person. As soon as a person does something good, acts from their heart and helps other people unconditionally, then this person creates their reality at that moment out of his soul. Of course, one's own reality arises from consciousness and the resulting thoughts, but this creation/design of one's own life is ultimately massively influenced by our soul or our ego (ego = negative core = low frequencies - judgements, hatred, jealousy, low behavior | Soul = Positive Core = High Frequencies, Love, Harmony, Compassion, Higher Emotions and Behaviors ). Nevertheless, both aspects are important and are of the utmost importance for one's own spiritual development.

The development of your own soul plan

The fulfillment of our soul plan

Apart from that, both aspects have fascinating tasks and properties. In this context, the soul in particular is the transmitter of a valuable tool; our own soul plan is anchored in it. The soul plan is a predefined plan in which all our desires, goals, life paths, etc. are rooted. Goals in life that are waiting for their corresponding realization in this life. The elaboration of the soul plan begins before we are born, when our soul in the afterlife (energetic network/level that serves for the integration, rebirth and further development of our own soul - not to be confused with the afterlife propagated by the church) plans its future life. A complete plan for our future life is created, in which all our goals, desires and upcoming experiences are predefined (of course, deviations always take place in the subsequent life due to our free will). This is exactly how our future parents are determined at this time (souls usually always reincarnate into families whose souls are related to in some way). The execution of the soul plan begins at our birth, the moment the soul incarnates into the body. We then grow up, we thrive and, as a rule, subconsciously strive to complete our soul plan. However, we usually deviate from this plan because we cannot fully surrender to our soul and instead often act from our egoistic mind. Due to the energetic density that has existed on our planet for years, this has led to numerous internal conflicts, especially in the past centuries and decades.

The fulfillment of our own soul plan is easier to implement these days..!! 

Ultimately, it is only now, with the newly beginning Platonic year, which will ultimately lead us into the Golden Age, that the planetary vibration level has been increased to such an extent that the realization of our soul plan is easier to put into action again. Due to this huge cosmic process, we humans are currently experiencing a change, a planetary change in which we humans are increasingly acting from our own spiritual mind. It should be said that acting from one's own soul is essential for the fulfillment of the soul's plan.

From life to life we ​​develop mentally and spiritually..!!

The more one acts from one's own heart, the more one realizes the plan of one's own soul. This plan always provides for the attainment/creation of a higher state of consciousness. From life to life we ​​develop further, learn new moral views, expand our consciousness with new experiences, integrate new beliefs as well as mental and spiritual parts into our own state of consciousness. In this way, we strive to complete our own soul plan in an autodidactic manner.

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