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In today's world, more and more people are experiencing a development of their own intuitive abilities. Due to complex cosmic interactions, which result in a massive increase in frequency every 26.000 years, we become more sensitive and recognize countless mechanisms of our own spiritual origins. In this regard, we can understand complex connections in life much better and experience significantly better judgment thanks to our increased sensitivity. In particular, our penchant for truth and harmonious states, gives us the ability to interpret situations and information much better.

Sensitive thinking and acting

The manifestation of our intuitive giftsBasically, sensitivity means the ability to intuitively interpret events, life events, thoughts, emotions, knowledge, actions and, above all, information. One could also speak of an immaterial (intuitive) perception that goes beyond the usual five senses. One often speaks here of so-called 5-dimensional thinking and acting, which in turn leads to the development of our sensitivity. The 5th dimension does not mean a location or a dimension in the conventional materially oriented sense, but rather the 5th dimension means a high frequency state based on sensitivity, lightness, peace, harmony, gratitude and love. One could also speak of a state of consciousness from which man draws higher emotions and thoughts. For this reason, the 5-dimensional state of consciousness means a state in which only positive thoughts exist. If a person has a significantly increased sensitive perception and acts from unbiased, peaceful and harmonious patterns, then this could well lead to the assumption that this person is in the fifth dimension at the moment or from 5-dimensional patterns trades out. In this context, a peaceful, loving and balanced state of consciousness has a significantly higher vibration frequency than a state of consciousness in which hatred and other lower emotions find their place. Furthermore, the 5th dimension can also be equated with a state of consciousness in which the truth about our primal ground and the world (the energetically dense system) is embodied, because ultimately it is the truth about our spiritual primal ground that tells us at the end of the day leads to an unconditionally loving state of consciousness.

The creation of a state of consciousness in which unconditional love, peace, harmony, and a bond with nature and wildlife reign supreme most often results from the beginnings of a spiritual awakening, as we re-energize the glow that has been constructed around our minds, and with our penetrate spirits..!! 

The more we deal with our own spirit again, the more we explore the depths of our being, the more we begin to lead a life that is in harmony with nature and is characterized by self-love and balance. We leave the illusion built around our minds, leaving our low frequency and egoistic life patterns, and instead abiding in your state of love and peace.

The manifestation of our intuitive gifts

SensitivityActing from 5-dimensional patterns or sensitive thinking and acting is particularly favored by our soul. In this regard, the soul represents our sensitive, intuitive, feminine and high-vibrational aspect. It often makes itself felt as our inner voice and lets us feel the truth behind situations and information. Apart from that, our soul also stands for the positive and empathetic aspects of each individual. Due to our mental presence, we humans have a certain amount of humanity. We express this humanity in turn in an individual way. Due to its light mentality, the soul represents a kind of connection to the 5th dimension. It is basically the 5th dimensional, kind-hearted aspect of every human being who wants to be lived. One could also speak of a loving aspect that comes to the fore again and again in certain life situations. For this reason, the connection to the soul is a decisive factor in order to be able to regain a stronger connection to nature and the animal world. Of course, it should be said at this point that we always have a connection to the soul, but this is represented to varying degrees and is usually undermined by the expression of our materially oriented mind. In today's world, therefore, a mental identification rarely occurs for most people. Some people therefore act more and some less from their soul.

The more we identify with life itself, i.e. the space in which everything happens, thrives and is created, the more we realize that we have a significant influence on shaping our destiny..!!  

For example, when asked for directions, most people would never respond in a dismissive, judgmental, or selfish manner. People tend to be friendly and helpful. This shows your counterpart your spiritual side. The same applies to people who, for example, would care for an injured animal out of love. In such a case, our psychic component would be active and one would embody the fundamental principles of creation.

Recognizing mental abilities

SensitivityA person who would not care about the injured animal would then completely undermine their psychological basis in a corresponding situation and instead act out of their ego. For this reason, our soul is also essential, because a loving, empathetic and harmonious state ensures that we can stay in a high frequency and this in turn has an inspiring influence on our own mental and physical state. In the same way, the love and tolerance of other people inspires us, which also gives us a positive basic feeling. As a rule, one would like to be loved and respected by other people instead of being hated, ignored or even excluded. Of course we live in a world in which the undermining of our own intuitive abilities is encouraged, which can be seen in our meritocracy, in which status symbols, a media-constructed and predetermined appearance, money, and professional success are in the foreground. As a result, many people do not devote their lives to love or the creation of a balanced and natural state of consciousness, instead the focus is shifted to supposedly negative aspects of other people, which then becomes noticeable in prejudice and gossip. Our soul is also very strongly connected to the positive aspects of our spiritual ground.

Instead of judging, blaspheming and pointing fingers at other people, we should start again with the manifestation of an unprejudiced, balanced and harmonious state of consciousness..!! 

For this reason, we keep receiving inspirations or, to put it another way, intuitive knowledge that arises directly from the source, i.e. from us humans, who represent the source as the embodying space of God.

A concrete example

SensitivityHowever, our minds often make us doubt. That is why many people do not realize their intuitive gift. This is noticeable in many situations. I'll give you a concrete example: everything in existence is interconnected on a spiritual level. Due to this fact, one's own consciousness exerts a tremendous influence on the collective reality. The stronger your own consciousness is or the more you are aware of yourself, the more you influence the collective reality/collective state of consciousness. For example, if someone thinks about the healing effects of chamomile tea for days for the very first time in their life and then a friend comes by and tells you that they heard about the effects of chamomile tea that day, or if you then increasingly interact with people in other ways and events involving the healing effects of chamomile tea, then it is likely that you yourself have influenced these people through your own power of thought. Many would then say to themselves that it was a coincidence that they were confronted with chamomile tea so often right now. However, there are no coincidences. Every event has a reason. However, a person with a strong intuitive gift and a basic understanding of the energetic universe would understand in this context that he himself is responsible for this increased "chamomile tea appearance" in his reality. He knows that his thoughts reach the consciousness of other people because of the energetic interaction, as this is communicated directly from his intuitive aspect. Since you firmly believe in it and are 100% convinced of it, this feeling manifests as truth in your own reality. You yourself are then aware that you have enticed those who were confronted with the knowledge for the very first time and that together with the people who already had this knowledge, you have manifested the corresponding knowledge in the collective state of consciousness . Of course, it's also worth noting that energy always follows attention.

Energy always follows your attention. What we put our focus on, we notice more as a result. What we are, what we think and what we radiate, we draw into our own lives..!!

What you mainly focus on is also increasingly drawn into your own life. This circumstance, that one perceives things that are subject to one's own attention to a greater extent, of course also flows into the example mentioned above. A pronounced sensitivity or a significantly stronger intuition would also make itself felt in the sense that one can immediately recognize and interpret lies and deceptions of people. As soon as someone told a lie to us, we would immediately feel this in every cell of our body without being deceived. If you expand this and bring a strong intuition in connection with knowledge about the system based on disinformation, then you would, for example, immediately identify false flag attacks as such. One is no longer subject to deception and has a strong sense of truth. Ultimately, we can therefore count ourselves lucky that we are in an age in which our own sensitive abilities are constantly increasing, our senses are being sharpened and we are generally finding our way back to our primal ground. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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