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Since the new beginning of the cosmic cycle and the associated increase in vibration of the solar system, we humans have been in a drastic change. Our mind/body/spirit system is readjusted, is aligned with the 5th dimension (5th dimension = positive, bright state of consciousness/higher vibrational reality) and we humans therefore experience a change in our own mental state. This profound change affects us on all levels of existence and at the same time heralds drastic changes in love relationships. In this context, it is often said that from the transition to the 5 dimension, new love relationships emerge. In the following article you will find out what this ultimately means and how it is to be understood.

New, true love relationships develop

cosmic-loveIn earlier times, especially in the past centuries, love relationships were mostly based on one-sided dominance, the exercise of power or, in general, on negative conventions. Quarrels, intrigues, jealousy, envy and feelings of loss have plagued many couples and in very many cases even the strongest of love has resulted in relationships being plagued by an overall imbalance. This can be traced back to energetically dense times, times in which people identified very strongly with their egoistic mind, were mind-oriented and mostly put their own well-being in the foreground. The connection to the spiritual mind was hardly present and there was no integration, no balancing of male and female parts. In the meantime, however, we are in the newly beginning weird cycleBecause of this, we humans learn to stand in self-love again, regain our identification with our soul, act again from our true self, from our true human, kind-hearted nature and also begin to live our own truthfulness. The transition into the 5th dimension, which has been in full swing since 2012, is a serious transition in this context, because this time ultimately leads us back into our self-love. Ultimately, however, this process requires the transformation of our own shadow parts. When we humans begin to overcome our own fears, when we accept/transform our ego mind again, heal our inner wounds "attributed to various karmic entanglements and past incarnations", then we will be able to fully to live in harmony.

Love relationships are undergoing profound change..!!

For this reason, many love relationships have broken up in recent years, even broken up downright. In this regard, the process of spiritual awakening separates everything that is not vibrating at the same frequency, that is not on the same wavelength. This process is now becoming clearer and intensified due to the current cosmic radiation. But not only love relationships are changing. As already mentioned in the last Portaltag articles, adjustments and changes take place on all levels of existence. Be it love relationships, job situations, friendships or general living conditions that no longer correspond to your own frequency.

Alignment of the vibration frequency – What belongs together is brought together

love-new-ageAnything that no longer corresponds to one's own frequency of vibration, that does not correspond to one's deepest longings and desires or one's own calling of the soul, is inevitably subject to drastic changes. In return, the newly beginning cosmic cycle or the newly beginning platonic year means that we attract people, situations, circumstances into our lives, which in turn correspond to our own vibration frequency, our own mental signature. During this time, we humans gain a new understanding of life, recognize our own origins and are ready for true love relationships, especially during this time. For this reason, new love relationships emerge from the current time. Relationships that are not characterized by suffering or unworthiness, true relationships in which both partners genuinely love and appreciate each other, are there for each other at all times and, due to the integration of male and female parts or the integration of various soul aspects, their to express deep love for themselves and for each other. It's a fascinating time and the circumstance ultimately means that more and more such unique love relationships are rising from the shadows of the old world. The time is truly magical and now the people who also belong to each other are finding each other. People who are meant for each other and are brought together by the universe. You can't do anything about it either.

New couples in love are miraculously brought together due to the alignment of vibrations..!!

This universal frequency alignment attracts these people magnetically and creates true love. It is therefore a wonderful time in which one draws soul mates (not to be confused with the twin soul) who have been waiting for one for countless incarnations into one's life. People who correspond to their own frequented state and find each other again. Due to the extreme love vibration - high vibration frequencies that these couples emit, the entire environment changes at the same time. The strong energies characterize the surrounding energetic fields and massively raise the vibration frequency of the collective state of consciousness.

True love relationships that accelerate the process of spiritual awakening..!!

It is therefore important love relationships that not only have a positive effect on one's own mental state, but also catapult the quantum leap into awakening to a new level. Ultimately, one also likes to speak of vibration initiators. Couples who, through their pure, unadulterated love, through the changing times, drastically accelerate the transition into the 5th dimension. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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