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Full moon

Today is a very special day. So he announces a short period of days in which we humans will be continuously flooded with high cosmic radiation. These strong energetic influences can be traced back to two different events. On the one hand, we humans are experiencing an intense full moon in the zodiac sign Pisces today. On the other hand, a series of portal days begins today, which will last for 2 days in a row. In other words, we will receive a portal day every day until September 10th. One such portal day series is In this context, it is also rather rare and usually only occurs once or, in very rare cases, a maximum of twice within a year.

Start of the 10 portal days

Start of the 10 portal daysFor this reason, we can now look forward to an extremely energetic week and a half, a period in which a lot can happen regarding our own spirit, and in my opinion even will happen. The current planetary and energetic circumstances have been very stormy for quite some time and are only getting worse and will now be shaken up again by the portal day series. As always, whether this will happen for each person in a positive or even negative sense depends on each person. We can view this series of portal days as very exhausting, convince ourselves that we are now entering a very difficult phase, a period marked by concentration problems, sleep disorders, arguments and other problems, i.e. we legitimize negative beliefs in our own minds, or we look at it From a positive perspective, we see the portal day series as an opportunity to build something new, as a powerful new beginning, which will firstly give us a lot of new input + life energy and secondly transport the collective state of consciousness to a new level.

The coming days will be very intense in terms of intensity. Because of the 10 portal days, we are now experiencing a continuous increase in frequency..!!

It all just depends on our own perspective and the associated orientation of our own mind. Ultimately, either way, the days will be very conducive to our own mental + spiritual prosperity. Whether we look at the whole thing from a negative or a positive perspective.

A time full of depression

An important self-realization came to me last nightThese days will therefore transform a lot of things within us, and if necessary even release karmic entanglements and other spiritual ballast within us. Either way, a lot will happen that will drastically change the collective state of consciousness. As far as I'm concerned, this night also reached me, so at the beginning of the portal day I had another profound and very important self-knowledge. There was something in my life that gave me a lot of headaches, something that put a lot of strain on my own mind, but I always tried to suppress it. It was only yesterday that I realized this for the first time and then I told my friend this, talked to her about it for hours and for the first time I really became aware of my own problem, i.e. I felt the problem, this circumstance. It has been the case for the past 2 years that I have found it extremely difficult to answer personal messages and emails. It all started about 2 years ago. When I started “Everything is Energy” I was still in a relationship in which I smoked a lot of cannabis, especially towards the end. Whenever I smoked something, I became unable to write back to all the people who sent me some wonderful messages. So the news piled up and I let it overwhelm me in a way. After a while, my girlfriend at the time separated from me (the separation was about a year ago). At that time I fell into deep depression and was hardly able to come to terms with the breakup, chased my girlfriend at the time for months and grieved every day. Because of this, I was still unable to write back to all the people. I no longer smoked cannabis, but was unable to tackle my problem due to my misery. So the messages piled up more and more and I even developed feelings of guilt about them, often seeing all the unanswered messages in my mind's eye and letting them block me in a way.

Experiencing the dark is something that is very beneficial to our own spiritual flourishing. This is how these experiences make us really strong and strengthen our own spirit..!! 

Over time, I ended the relationship, became happier again and got over my depression. Everything got better again and the pain became a thing of the past. So I drew strength from my life circumstances again and felt how this experience made me stronger, I became aware of how important and, above all, inevitable this experience was for my own life (everything was supposed to happen exactly like that, the experience was inevitable and for me own mental and spiritual flourishing is essential). However, the problem of all the unanswered messages still prevailed, a problem that I still didn't face.

An important self-realization came to me last night

My personal problemI continued to let myself be overwhelmed by all the messages, couldn't find a start and only wrote back to other people on rare occasions, it was crazy. Well, since I didn't answer all the private messages, the messages just kept piling up. It now looks like, and this is absolutely no exaggeration, that I have around 500 unanswered messages, possibly even more. Some of these are smaller messages, but some are also quite long messages in which I was asked different questions. So this continued to burden me every day, because it wasn't that I didn't want to write back to the whole person, on the contrary, I even wanted to, but blocked myself and became unable to do so. However, I kept pushing this problem aside and gave it very little thought. Whenever I opened my email inbox or saw all the unanswered messages on Facebook, I felt a crushing feeling inside me. For me personally, it was a profound problem that was ultimately just waiting to be solved. It was just a mental block, something that robbed me of my peace every day, but I still strictly avoided it and, above all, didn't recognize it.

We humans often tend to suppress our own problems and as a result create a state of consciousness every day, which in turn creates a lot of suffering..!!

However, this night and last night this changed. I philosophized a little with my girlfriend about life and I kept asking myself why some days are/were just so bleak, why “Everything is energy” didn't go the way I wanted it, why I didn't have more time/ Focus was dedicated to this project, why I often avoided what was a matter of the heart for me and even sometimes felt suffering or guilt from it, why I was sometimes actually afraid of all the news, suppressed the problem and let it go over and over again load/block again.

A redeeming + liberating feeling reached me

A redeeming + liberating feeling reached meSuddenly it started and I realized for the first time that my inability to “write back” was putting me under such an incredible burden. It felt like a personal breakthrough. For the first time I recognized where this oppressive feeling came from, understood why it was like that and felt a real liberating feeling within me. I also told my friend about the problem 1:1 and suddenly became extremely happy because I was no longer repressing this problem, but was really recognizing/looking at it for the first time. I then went to sleep feeling liberated and resolved to eliminate this problem. It's not like I don't have time to answer a few messages, in fact the opposite is the case, I could easily take a few hours and write back to all of you out there. Well, now I'm sitting here from my screen, writing this article, still feeling relieved and immediately after finishing this post I'll start answering all the messages and face my problem, my self-created fear. To come back to the portal day series + the current energetic circumstances, since this self-knowledge reached me last night at the beginning of the portal day and drastic changes were predicted for the coming weeks, one can assume that this period of time will change + transform a lot of things within us.

The coming days will be very insightful for us due to the portal day series and will be able to change a lot in our current state of consciousness..!!

As far as the intensity of the energetic influences is concerned, we are still in a peak and the next few days will significantly increase this high. So prepare yourself for very exciting and transformative weeks and be aware that a phase is now approaching in which personal breakthroughs can definitely be achieved. There is definitely no doubt that we can now achieve a lot again and add new splendor to our lives. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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