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It may sound crazy, but your life is all about you, your personal mental and emotional development. One should not confuse this with narcissism, arrogance or even egoism, on the contrary, this aspect relates much more to your divine expression, to your creative abilities and above all to your individually oriented state of consciousness - from which your current reality also arises . For this reason, you always have the feeling that the world only revolves around you. No matter what may happen in a day, at the end of the day you are back in your own bed, is lost in his own thoughts and has this strange feeling as if his life is the center of the universe.

The unfolding of your divine core

The unfolding of your divine coreIn such moments you are just with yourself, you live your own life instead of being stuck in other people's bodies and you ask yourself why this is so. Even if you think about the lives of other people in such moments, it's still about yourself and your own relationship to the people in question. Often in the process we undermine this feeling as well, instinctively assuming that it is wrong to think so, that it is selfish, that we ourselves are nothing special and are just simple beings whose lives have no meaning. But this is not the case. Every human being is a unique and fascinating being, a special creator of his or her circumstances, which subsequently also exerts a tremendous influence on the collective state of consciousness. In our lives, however, it is not about just focusing on our own well-being, always referring to our own "I". It is much more about unfolding our own divine core again, which in turn leads to us legitimizing a "WE" feeling in our own spirit, becoming completely empathetic again and loving our fellow human beings, nature + the animal world unconditionally.

Our own life does not revolve around us so that we can only take care of ourselves over countless incarnations, but to be able to create a state of consciousness in which one has the well-being of all creation permanently in focus. A balanced state of consciousness from which no more disharmony can arise..!!

This is also a process that takes a certain amount of time, basically this is even a process that takes place over countless incarnations and only comes to an end in the final incarnation.

The development of one's own manifestation potential

The development of one's own manifestation potentialIn this context, this process then leads to the fact that we humans regain a complete connection to our divine BEING. This aspect is already in us, just like the entire universe is a part of us. All information, all parts, whether shadow/negative or light/positive, everything is in us, only not all parts are active at the same time. Likewise, there is a merciful, unconditionally loving, empathetic and non-judgmental side in every human being, but it remains hidden in the shadow of our own egoistic mind. It is our completely high-vibrating/positively oriented side that, as it unfolds, leads to us being completely accompanied/shaped by wisdom, love and harmony again. For this reason, this development has absolutely nothing to do with egoism or narcissism, the opposite is even the case, because identifying with one's own divine/unconditionally loving aspects benefits the entire planet. As a result, you discard your own EGO parts and take care of your fellow human beings, nature and the animal world in a certain way. One no longer tramples on all these different worlds, has discarded all one's judgments and sees only divinity in everything else (everything in existence is an expression of God). You become a silent observer of what is happening, no longer feeling the urge to have to correct other people, to have a negative attitude or even to have to leave your own "high-vibrating state of consciousness". You are then much more in tune with your own environment, with the universe and all its aspects. Ultimately, this in turn means that we have a very positive influence on the collective state of consciousness.

All our daily thoughts + emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it. For this reason, we humans also exert a tremendous influence on the lives of other people..!!

In this regard, all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, convictions and intentions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it. The more people have the same thought, the faster this thought manifests itself in collective reality. The more people have a negative attitude and, for example, have "actions based on injustice" in mind, the faster this injustice will also manifest in the world. On the other hand, it also looks like that the more you are aware of yourself, the more you are aware of your own power of manifestation, the more a corresponding person influences the collective state of consciousness.

In the coming years the current spiritual awakening and the associated planetary change will intensify, whereby the collective state of consciousness will record huge leaps..!!

For this reason, Jesus Christ was also able to bring about a powerful manifestation in his time and at times when there was complete darkness. He embodied the divine principle of unconditional love and thereby changed the entire planetary circumstance. Of course, a lot of trash was done with it and due to the energetically dense collective consciousness, the world continued to linger in darkness (cold heart, enslavement, etc.). Well then, due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius, the collective state of consciousness is undergoing massive development and more and more people are gaining a stronger connection to their own divine ground. As a result, this also means that more and more people are becoming more sensitive and are having a more positive influence on the collective spirit. It is therefore only a matter of time before a huge chain reaction is triggered, which in turn will lead us humans into a "world based on justice and harmony". In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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