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We humans experience a wide variety of situations and events in our lives. Every day we experience new life situations, new moments that are in no way similar to previous moments. No second is like the other, no day is like the other and so it is natural that we encounter the most diverse people, animals or even natural phenomena over the course of our lives. It is important to understand that every encounter should take place in exactly the same way, that every encounter or that everything that comes into our perception also has something to do with us. Nothing happens by chance and every encounter has a deeper meaning, a special meaning. Even seemingly inconspicuous encounters have a deeper meaning and should make something clear to us.

Everything has a deeper meaning

Every encounter has a deeper meaningEverything in a person's life should be exactly as it is currently taking place. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could have turned out differently in this context, on the contrary, because otherwise something completely different would have happened, then you would have realized completely different thoughts, you would have experienced a completely different phase of life and the current circumstances of life would be completely different. But that's not how it is. One is the creator of one's own life based on one's thoughts and has thereby decided on a certain life or a corresponding phase of life. Because of this, you carry your destiny in your own hands. Of course, one can succumb to a supposed fate, simply surrender to the circumstances. At the end of the day, however, we can consciously shape our lives and do not have to be dominated by any inner beliefs, world views or life circumstances. We are CREATORS! We can turn life in our favor. We accomplish this by consciously using our own mental imagination in order to be able to realize a positive life with the help of this limitless power. All sorts of interpersonal encounters, different life events, encounters with animals and also situations that we may even regret afterwards, moments that were essential for our own mental and emotional development at the end of the day are helpful. An old Indian law states that the person you meet is the right one. Basically, it just means that the person you're with at that moment, the person you're meeting in life, or the one you're interacting with in some way, is always the right person , a person who unconsciously wants to tell you something.

Every person you meet stands for something, reflects your own mental state and serves us as a mental/spiritual teacher..!! 

A person who reflects their own inner mental/spiritual state in an unadulterated way. If, for example, you feel bad or even ugly, you go to a bakery and you feel inwardly that the salesperson sees it the same way, possibly even expressing it through derogatory looks or other gestures, then the person in question is only mirroring your inner state, your own sensations/feelings.

Your own state of consciousness works like a ghost, it attracts situations, people and things into your life that correspond to your vibrational frequency..!!

The person then responds to your own mental state, your own feelings towards you. Your own mind (conscious + subconscious) acts like a magnet and it attracts everything into your life that you are completely convinced of. What you believe in, what you are completely convinced of, your own feelings, all of this ultimately attracts situations, people and things into your life that correspond to the same vibrational frequency.

Nothing happens by chance, every encounter has a special reason..!!

Fox - power animalIf you are unhappy, as long as you focus your state of consciousness on that feeling, you will only attract more things into your life that correspond to that low frequency. You then look at the outer world from that sensation. For this reason, other people often serve us as mirrors or teachers, they stand for something in this moment and have not entered our own lives without a reason. Nothing happens by chance and for this reason every human encounter carries a deeper meaning. Every person that surrounds us, every person with whom we are currently in contact, has his or her right and only helps us in our striving for our own spiritual development, even if this encounter seems unspectacular, everything has a reason. This principle can also be transferred 1:1 to our animal world. Every encounter with an animal always has a deeper meaning and reminds us of something. Just like us humans, animals have a soul and a consciousness. These do not appear in our own lives purely by chance, on the contrary, every animal we meet stands for something, has a deeper meaning. In this context there is also the term power animal. Each animal acts as a symbolic power animal, an animal that is assigned special attributes. For example, my girlfriend has recently encountered a lot of foxes, or rather, she has recently noticed more foxes in her environment, in her reality. She asked me if this had a deeper meaning and I told her that every animal has a special meaning, that animals that are seen more often are symbolic of something and want to communicate something to one's own spirit. Ultimately, this is always the case with animals that you encounter more and more often.

If we become aware again that every encounter has a deeper meaning, then this can be inspiring for our own spirit..!!

Everything has a deeper meaning, every encounter has a special reason and if we become aware of it again, consciously perceive these encounters and at the same time learn to recognize the meaning of such encounters, then this can be very useful for our own mental state. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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