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As already mentioned several times in my texts, the reality of a person (every person creates their own reality) arises from their own mind/state of consciousness. For this reason, every person has their own/individual beliefs, convictions, ideas about life and, in this regard, a completely individual spectrum of thoughts. Our own life is therefore a result of our own mental imagination. A person's thoughts even exert a tremendous influence on material conditions. Ultimately, it is also our thoughts, or rather our mind and the thoughts arising from it, with the help of which one can create and destroy life. In this context, even the mere imagination exerts an immense influence on the environment around us.

Thought changes matter

water crystalsIn this regard, the Japanese parascientist and alternative doctor Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that water has a fascinating memory and reacts very strongly to thoughts. In more than tens of thousands of experiments, Emoto found out that water reacts to its own sensations and consequently changes its own crystalline structure. Emoto then illustrated the structurally changed water in the form of photographed frozen water crystals. In this context, Emoto proved that positive thoughts, emotions and consequently also positive words stabilized the structure of the water crystals and these subsequently took on a natural form (inform positive, increase the vibration frequency). Negative sensations, in turn, had very destructive effects on the structure of the corresponding water crystals.

dr Emoto was a pioneer in his field who, with the help of his experiments, impressively proved and, above all, demonstrated the power of one's own thoughts..!!

The result was unnatural or deformed and unsightly water crystals (inform negatives, reduction of the vibration frequency). Emoto proved in an impressive way that you can significantly influence the quality of water with the power of your thoughts.

The Rice Experiment

But not only water reacts to one's own thoughts and feelings. This mental experiment also works with plants or even food (everything in existence responds to your own mind, to your thoughts and to your sensations). As far as that is concerned, there is now a well-known rice experiment that countless people have carried out with the same result. In this experiment you take 3 containers and put a portion of rice in each one. Then the rice is informed in various ways. A piece of paper with the inscription/information “love and gratitude”, joy or another positive word is attached to one of the containers. A label with a negative inscription is attached to the second container and the third container is left completely blank. Then you thank the first container filled with rice every day, approach this container for days with positive feelings, you inform the second container again mentally with negativity, say something like “You are ugly” or you stink” and the third every day Containers are completely ignored. After a few days, possibly even after a few weeks, the seemingly impossible happens and the different portions of rice have completely different properties. The positively informed rice still looks relatively fresh, does not smell bad and might even be edible. The negatively informed rice, on the other hand, has strong shortcomings.

Just like the water experiment, the rice experiment shows us the power of our own mental imagination in a special way..!!

It looks partially spoiled and smells much more severe than the positively informed rice. The rice in the last container, to which no attention was paid in the end, shows signs of severe rot, has already turned black in some places and smells beastly. This impressive experiment also illustrates once again the massive impact of our own mind on the world around us. The more positive our own thought spectrum is in this context, the more positive the interactions with our own environment are, the more thriving this affects the lives around us and, above all, our own lives. In this sense, I can only recommend the video below to you. In this video, your own intellectual power is expressly pointed out again, and countless such travel experiments are demonstrated by a wide variety of people in this video. A very interesting and above all informative video. Have fun watching!! 🙂

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