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Even though I've dealt with this subject quite often, I keep coming back to the subject, simply because, firstly, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding here (or rather, judgments prevail) and, secondly, people keep making the assertion that that all teachings and approaches are wrong, that there is only one Savior to follow blindly and that is Jesus Christ. So it is also repeatedly claimed on my site under certain articles that Jesus Christ is the only one Redeemer would be and countless other pieces of information regarding our primal cause would simply be wrong or even demonic in nature.

The truth behind the return

Jesus Christ's returnOf course, first of all it should be said that every person has their own completely individual beliefs and convictions, that we all therefore also have our completely individual truth and it is important to trust this truth. As far as that is concerned, every person writes their own completely individual story, goes their own way and also has completely unique views of life. For this reason, the view I am going to share in this article is just my own truth or view on the subject. Ultimately, I therefore recommend not simply accepting my view (the same applies to all information), but it is much more advisable to deal with it in an unprejudiced manner. In exactly the same way, I therefore recommend always trusting your own truth and feeling for yourself what sounds right to you and what doesn't (already mentioned many times: If your insight contradicts my "teaching", then follow your insight). Well then, nevertheless, I will bring my view closer here and explain to you what, in my eyes, the supposed return of Jesus Christ is ultimately all about. Basically, it looks like Jesus Christ is not coming back, but that this return means much more a so-called Christ consciousness that will reach us humans in this newly begun Age of Aquarius. In this regard, we humans are also in the new beginning of a very special cosmic cycle, i.e. an intensive phase in which our entire solar system experiences a massive increase in frequency. Due to the effects of a galactic pulse (which comes to a completion every 26.000 years), humanity's collective state of consciousness is again being flooded with high frequency energy.

Due to very special cosmic circumstances, the newly begun Age of Aquarius ensures that we humans are now in a phase in which we continue to develop mentally and spiritually due to inflowing high frequencies..!!

As a result, these inflowing frequencies lead to a further development of our own spirit, make us more sensitive, spiritual, empathetic and lead to us becoming more harmonious and peaceful again. The first 13.000 years in this cycle always lead to us humans developing massively and gaining a higher state of consciousness.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

AuferstehungIn the other 13.000 year phase, we regress again, becoming more materially oriented and losing connection to our mental ground (13.000 years low vibrating/ignorant mind, 13.000 years high vibrating/knowing mind). So at the end of the day, this high vibrational time that we have been in for a number of years is simply leading to a massive unveiling on our planet. In this way we not only gain groundbreaking insights into our own primal ground, but also recognize the mechanisms of the energetic dense system, see through the illusory world that was built around our mind and makes us slaves of matter. As a result of this process, we humans then continue to develop, come back into harmony with nature and manifest a higher state of consciousness. So it just happens that over a few years a change takes place and mankind will initiate a peaceful change due to its newly won awareness of justice. Instead of directing one's mind towards money, success (in the material EGO sense), status symbols, luxury and material conditions/worlds at large, we re-align our mind much more towards unconditional love, compassion, peace and harmony. This creation of a collective state of consciousness in which peace, harmony and love prevail again is therefore also referred to as a transition to the 5th dimension, a transition to a higher, morally + ethically developed state of consciousness.

The 5th dimension does not mean a place in itself, but rather a further developed state of consciousness in which higher thoughts and emotions find their place..!!

Such a high state of consciousness, i.e. a spirit in which love and peace are legitimized, is therefore also referred to as a Christ consciousness (another term would be cosmic state of consciousness). The return of Jesus Christ does not mean Jesus Christ himself, who rises again and shows us the way, but this resurrection only means the return of Christ consciousness (due to the focus on harmony, love and peace, this name is a reference to Jesus Christ, who, as is well known, embodied + conveyed these values).

Jesus Christ will rise again, but not in human form, but much more as an energy that will transport our planet and all the people living on it into a higher state of consciousness..!! 

For this reason, therefore, it is not Jesus Christ who returns, but the Christ consciousness. We humans become more loving again, learn to treat our fellow human beings, nature and the animal world with respect, and act again in the spirit of Christ. As announced, the return of the Christ consciousness is therefore also an unavoidable process and will experience a full manifestation in the next few years. Ultimately, this massive further development of our own mind/body/soul system will therefore also experience a full manifestation in the next few years (until 2030) and our planet will be made into a paradise place again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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