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March was a rather stormy month overall. The last few weeks in particular have been accompanied by an energetic high, which in turn transported many inconsistencies, mental traumas and spiritual problems into our daily consciousness and specifically made them clear to us. Arguments were therefore in the air and massive arguments could often break out. Times in which our planet is accompanied by high vibrational frequencies simply bring about such circumstances, because our frequency adjustment to that of the Earth automatically transports internal conflicts to our surface. For this reason, March was a very busy month. On the other hand, this month could also provide a lot of clarification and self-discovery, especially towards the end. Well, today we are experiencing the last day of March and tomorrow April begins, a month in which everything looks completely different again.

April – month dedicated to success, truthfulness

The light at the end of the tunnelWe can breathe a sigh of relief, in contrast to the stormy and sometimes difficult month of March, we now have weeks of peace and harmony, weeks of clarification and also success. We will therefore now experience a month in which we will definitely achieve a clearer state of consciousness. We will notice that everything suddenly becomes easier. Be it interpersonal relationships, financial matters or generally personal concerns. The month of April will be helpful to us in this regard and will provide a lot of momentum. The abundance is just waiting to be drawn into our lives again by our state of consciousness and in the next few weeks we will be able to do this much more easily. This is exactly how our true purpose will crystallize more and more in the next few weeks. Our own life goals and wishes become more concrete. In exactly the same way, it will now be easier to get a clearer picture of yourself, your own soul and your own spirit. Apart from that, our hard work is now being rewarded.

The month of April accelerates our own quantum leap into awakening and will ensure that we attract more harmony into our lives..!!

Anyone who makes an effort now and sows a lot of positive things will quickly reap the resulting fruits. This is directly followed by a more direct realization of your own wishes and dreams. Wishes can now be realized more quickly, and your own thoughts are accelerated in their ability to manifest. In this context, all of these positive events are necessarily related to the new astrological ruler of the year. For 10 days we have had a new astrological ruler of the year, the sun.

The sun as the annual ruler brings us positive times, times that are characterized by success, harmony and vitality..!!

This annual change of rulers manifests itself more strongly on our earth from day to day. We are already feeling the effects of this change and it means that we can stand more firmly in our own center again. In addition, the sun, as the annual ruler, gives us increased joy of life, vitality, love of life, success and overall positive vibrations. For this reason, we can look forward to the upcoming month of April and count ourselves lucky that we are now entering a month in which everything will move much faster. We should therefore definitely not let this potential go unused and join the flow of the harmonious month. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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