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The German poet and natural scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe hit the nail on the head with his quote: "Success has 3 letters: DO!" rather than perpetually remaining in a state of consciousness, out of which emerges a reality of unproductivity and possibly also a certain lethargy.

Working within current structures

SuccessIn this context, we humans tend to remain in our own dreams. We make a lot of plans, dream of another life or even the manifestation of a certain circumstance, but we don't manage to work on the corresponding manifestation. For this reason we linger in a future thinking. We direct our focus to conditions/circumstances that do not currently exist and thus miss the opportunity to act within current structures. Basically, we humans are creators, shapers, creators and as a result can make certain life situations become reality. However, this does not happen through dreams, but through active action. Of course, dreams can be very inspiring and there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in dreams. However, if this happens on a daily basis and we become unable to work on the manifestation of the dream, then this can be counterproductive. The creation of new living conditions does not happen in the future, but always in the present. Past and future are just mental constructs, but they don't exist within the present (only present in our thoughts).

Everything that happened, is happening and will happen are aspects of the present. What happens in two weeks will happen in the present and what happened two weeks ago also happened in the present. Working within the present is therefore an almost inevitable act when it comes to being able to create a new reality..!!

Ultimately, everything happens on the present level, in the now, an eternally expansive moment that has always been and always will be. We ourselves can therefore only significantly change our lives within the present, by using our mental abilities to let new circumstances become manifest (of course, cleaning up past events/conflicts, i.e. closing with past life situations, has a positive effect on our present, but still takes place a corresponding conclusion also within the present).

Create a new reality

Create a new reality

We can act at any time, anywhere, within the present and work on the implementation of corresponding goals. Restructuring and creation happens through our own actions and success usually only occurs when we work on a livelihood where success becomes reality. Albert Einstein said: "Everything is energy and that's all. Match the frequency to the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics." - Albert Einstein. We humans usually attract what we are and what we radiate into our lives and not what we wish for. The frequency state of our own state of consciousness attracts different circumstances. Success or the frequency of a successful circumstance becomes reality when it corresponds to our own frequency. That is why it is also said that an awareness of abundance attracts more abundance and an awareness of lack attracts more lack. When we take action ourselves and work within the present to create a new successful reality, we focus our attention on success. We then begin to embody success through our actions, through our newly gained thinking and above all our new mental orientation and as a result also attract success. Of course, it is often not easy for us to get active, especially since we live in a world in which we tend to think/act destructively and distant from the present due to various influences.

When we end our own suffering and closure with past conflicts, when we no longer feel guilty about past life situations and fear the future, then we seize the myriad opportunities that await us within present structures..!!

I, too, catch myself again and again in certain moments of life deviating from the current action and instead I remain in an unproductive state of consciousness. Nevertheless, it is important to know how the creation of a successful living situation works. Finally, it should also be said that we are all on our individual path in life, which, especially in this unique time of change, leads us back to our roots and also to our current structures more than ever before. It is an exciting time, which reveals countless new possibilities to us, mainly because of the energies pregnant with manifestation (since December 17, 2017, the earth element has prevailed, which stands for manifestation and creative power). opportunities to realize ourselves. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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