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Nowadays, most people are addicted to a wide variety of addictive substances. Whether from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, various drugs, fast food or other substances, people tend to become dependent on pleasure and addictive substances. The problem with this, however, is that all addictions limit our own mental abilities and apart from that dominate our own mind, our state of consciousness. You lose control of your own body, become less concentrated, more nervous, more lethargic and it is difficult for you to do without these stimulants. Ultimately, these self-imposed addictions not only limit one's consciousness, but also prevent a clear mental state and lower our own vibrational frequency.

The lowering of one's own vibrational frequency - clouding of consciousness

clouding of consciousnessAside from various addictions, one of the main factors that clouds one's own state of consciousness is poor or unnatural nutrition. Nowadays, most foods are enriched with countless chemical additives. Our food is contaminated with a wide variety of chemicals. Whether aspartame, glutamate, artificial minerals/vitamins, genetically modified seeds or even fruit/vegetables sprayed with pesticides, all these "foods" lower our own vibration frequency, condense our own energetic state and have a very negative impact on our psychological and physical constitution . In order to cleanse your own consciousness, it is therefore imperative to eat as naturally as possible. When you do that again, you gain a feeling of mental clarity, a feeling that gives you an indescribable amount of energy. At this point it should be said that there is hardly a nicer feeling than being completely clear.

Mental clarity - An indescribable feeling..!!

You feel dynamic, joyful, energetic, happy, you can deal with thoughts/emotions much better and you move into your own life due to the positive mental resonance, fullness and lightness (Law of Resonance - Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity).

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