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Now it's that time again and there's another full moon today, to be precise this is the 10th full moon this year, which just reached us at 20:40 p.m. In this context, with this full moon, incredible energetic influences are reaching us again or a very high energetic circumstance is being continued (see picture of today daily energy article). As far as this is concerned, the current time is constantly accompanied by vibrational increases and our planet is currently experiencing increases almost every day. As has been mentioned many times, these climbs are also very beneficial for our own mental and emotional well-being and basically serve our own further development.

Urge for truth

Urge for truthIn doing so, we humans simply adapt our own vibration frequency to that of the earth, which indirectly encourages us to create more space for positivity. Only in this way will it be possible, in the long term, to remain in a higher, positively oriented state of consciousness, possibly even in Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness, or often called cosmic state of consciousness, means an extremely high state of consciousness, which in turn is characterized by unconditional love, peace and perfect harmony. One could also speak here of a high-frequency state of consciousness in which one is no longer subject to any dependencies, addictions, compulsions, fears and other negative mental patterns. Of course, it is not easy to achieve such a state of consciousness, simply because we humans on this planet are triggered from an early age to legitimize a materially oriented worldview in our own minds.

In today's world, we humans tend to judge things that do not correspond to our own worldview. In the end, the elites have created a population that simply excludes people with system-critical ideas without questioning their own exclusionary behavior..!!

We are conditioned to create a life in which money, work, status symbols and the supposedly created “reputation of our fellow human beings” should have the highest priority for us. Living in harmony with nature and the animal world, a vegan/natural lifestyle, and living out love for all of creation is something that does not correspond to the norm within our society and is therefore much more likely to be laughed at.

Liberation processes - today's full moon

liberationHowever, due to cosmic change, this circumstance is currently changing again and the permanent increase in vibration simply transports us humans into a higher consciousness, initiates in us a feeling of finding the truth again, leaves us with the urge for change, for clarity, for what lies behind hidden from our existence. As a result, we humans also feel an ever stronger connection to our own source, become more sensitive overall and learn to autodidactically create a life that is free of judgment. As a result, more and more people are realizing that ultimately every human being is a unique being, a creative expression who can, firstly, create a harmonious or even a destructive life with the help of their own mental imagination and, secondly, for their life, for their existence, for his individual expression should experience respect and tolerance. Well, because of today's full moon, we should definitely look into our own inner life again and remember that we can trust our own innermost being, our soul, our heart and, above all, our divine origins. We should have confidence in ourselves again, in our own creative powers, in our own mental potential and in this context also recognize that we are the ones who can initiate a liberation process on all levels of existence.

Since we are spiritually connected to all of creation (All is One and One is All), each person's thoughts also have a massive influence on all of existence..!! 

Due to the fact that we humans can change the collective state of consciousness using our own thoughts alone, we are therefore able to change everything. There is no doubt that every single person has enormous potential in this regard and can completely positively change not only the future course of their own life, but also the future course of humanity. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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