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For several years, knowledge about our own primal ground has been spreading around the world like wildfire. More and more people are realizing that they themselves do not represent a purely material being (i.e. are bodies), but that they are much more spiritual/mental beings who in turn rule over matter, i.e. over their own body and influence it significantly with their thoughts/spiritual beings. Affect emotions, even impair or even strengthen them (our cells react to our mind). As a result, this new insight results in a completely new self-confidence and leads us humans back to impressive ones In this way, we realize that not only are we very powerful, unique beings, but that we can use our minds to create a life that is completely in line with our own ideas.

The building block of our lives

Energy always follows attentionA person's entire life is a product of their own mind, which is why the external world is merely a mental/spiritual projection of their own state of consciousness. At the same time, spirit or consciousness also represents our own origin and is the reason why life exists in the first place. Ultimately, the entire existence is an expression of an all-pervading great spirit, i.e. a consciousness that can hardly be grasped, from which everything arose or, better said, from which everything manifested itself. In this context, the world as we know it, everything we can see, is an expression of this overarching great spirit, which is why we can see divine manifestations everywhere in the world (the world itself is a manifestation of this divine source). Whether humans, animals, nature or even the universe, everything is a divine expression, a manifestation of mental structures. In turn, we only perceive matter as a solid, rigid state because we have “forgotten” the knowledge about our original cause and instead identify with matter or 3-dimensional states and cannot recognize any energetic/spiritual background in matter. Nevertheless, matter is nothing more than energy, to be precise even an energetic state, which in turn has a low frequency.

Creation itself is mental/spiritual/immaterial/energetic in nature. For this reason, God cannot be understood if we look at him from a materially oriented, 3-dimensional perspective. 5-dimensional/subtle-material thinking is much more important here..!!

So you could also speak of a low-frequency state or a dense energetic state, “condensed/condensed energy,” if you will. For this reason, matter, or rather its core, is often referred to as an intelligent tissue that is given form by an intelligent creative spirit.

Energy always follows attention

Energy always follows attentionNow, because of our own spiritual existence, we humans can take our lives into our own hands again, can become the designers of our own destiny instead of allowing ourselves to be dominated by a supposed destiny. In this way we can create our own personal worlds, we can expand our lives in the direction we want, we can create what we want to create, we can live where we want to live and we can build what we want but have always dreamed of. To do this, we just have to use our own focus again, i.e. we have to direct our attention to what we want to create. In this regard, it is also important to understand that energy always follows attention, or rather our attention. What you focus on, i.e. your attention or, in other words, your mind, thrives and becomes larger, more tangible, more realizable in its structure. For example, if you want to build a toned body, then there's no point in focusing on treats or even shifting your focus to an effort that you apparently can't handle. Instead, you should focus on the well-trained body, which means you can then invest all your energy into this goal. Of course, such an undertaking is not always easy in today's world, simply because we have somehow forgotten how to put our entire focus on one thing for a long period of time, especially if this thing involves greater hurdles, i.e. effort is linked.

With the help of our own attention, we can once again create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. Ultimately, it's just important that we shift our focus back to what's important. Instead of focusing on negative circumstances, we should use our energy much more to create positive circumstances..!!

Nevertheless, our own focus is extremely important when it comes to shaping new phases of life. In this context, one should always keep in mind that our own focus can quickly lead to negative things unintentionally. For example, if you keep focusing on lack, focusing your attention on debt, on what you don't have, on what you lack, on what causes you sorrow, then your sorrow and your lack would only increase, just out The reason is that you then allow the corresponding deficiency to grow by adding energy. Your energy always follows your attention and allows what you focus on to emerge/thrive. A scarcity mindset therefore creates further scarcity and an abundance mindset creates further abundance.

Due to the law of resonance, we always attract into our lives what corresponds to our own charisma, i.e. our thinking and our beliefs. Whatever we focus on is strengthened + attracted by our mind, an irreversible law..!!

You always attract into your life what you focus on, what you are, what you think and what you radiate. This is why after an argument, the longer you focus on the anger, the angrier you would become. You then feed the anger with your energy and let it thrive. Ultimately, we should always carefully shift our own focus, making sure that with our attention we allow harmonious, rather than disharmonious, conditions to flourish, and that we create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. It just depends on our own charisma, the use of our mind and, above all, the distribution of our focus. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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