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Now the time has come and the month of September, which is quite changeable from an energetic point of view, is over. The month of October now begins and with it we will definitely reach a very important phase in the process of spiritual awakening. In this context, we will now receive completely new impulses and will most likely rethink our own insights and worldviews, possibly also achieving new breakthroughs. In this regard, I have often mentioned in my texts that the extent of lies on our planet is much greater than one can imagine.

New insights/new world views

New insights/new world viewsThat world wars were deliberately initiated by elite rulers, that human history is based on a lot of half-truths + lies, that vaccinations contain dangerous chemicals, that we only represent human capital for extremely wealthy families, that our weather is manipulated using hairpins and chemtrails, that diseases such as Cancer has long been curable, remedies are suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry, all system media are largely aligned and deliberately spread disinformation, that there is a lot of war propaganda, Germany/states are just companies, that our financial system is a big fraud (keyword: compound interest) + that The development of the collective state of consciousness is deliberately curbed is only a fraction of what is really going on in this world. The extent of the illusory world that has been built around our minds is much larger and more abstract than one could imagine as an individual person.

The extent of the disinformation that we have falsely accepted as truth is gigantic..!!

In this context, there have been some topics that I have tended to avoid on my blog, simply because, firstly, these topics have been too polarizing and, secondly, because I myself was not yet sufficiently informed about some of these topics As a result, he did not have any fixed beliefs.

The collective will get new impulses

The collective will get new impulsesOne could also say that the time simply wasn't right for it yet. But my feeling now tells me that it is almost time to address these topics, things that many people previously thought were completely unimaginable, important topics that ultimately ensure/maintain the illusory world on this punishing planet. In this regard, I have published almost nothing on my website in the last 4 days and have done almost no work at all. Instead, I simply did a lot of research and came to completely new insights and views about the world. Some of these views even shook my world view enormously. It also felt like a few years ago, a time when I came to my very first self-knowledge. I was again completely free + unbiased in terms of thinking, suddenly directed my entire focus on these topics, dealt with this knowledge, gave the writings + words my fullest attention, read everything about it, watched countless YouTube videos and felt a certain coherence, a truth that was revealed to me, a change in my state of consciousness, an expansion of my own worldview.

The last few days changed my own state of consciousness in a special way and were therefore partly responsible for the fact that I have now shifted my focus to completely new topics..!!

In that sense, they were magical days that changed a lot of things in me. For this reason, I will be covering all of these topics on this blog in the near future and am really looking forward to philosophizing about them with you. Aside from that, I'm also very excited to see how much this content will change the collective state of consciousness in the next few years.

Realignment of the collective state of consciousness

Realignment of the collective state of consciousnessThe truth spreads like wildfire and the more people become aware of different things, the more the corresponding knowledge spreads. A few years ago, for example, videos about the NWO were largely laughed at, had hardly any likes and hardly anyone could accept/recognize these truths. However, this situation has now changed and knowledge has become normal for many people. More and more people are reporting on the extent of the illusory world, the staged terrorist attacks or even the puppet states. More and more people are making these topics public, setting up blogs, creating videos about them and raising awareness, which is why the internet is now full of this information. In the same way, many of these videos hardly have any dislikes and are celebrated instead. In my opinion it will be similar with these new, more “abstract” topics. I also have an example for this. There are countless NASA (NASA means deception in Hebrew) “truther videos” in which it is revealed/explained why the supposed ISS video recordings are completely faked. So you can see blatant image errors, physical inconsistencies, green screen glitches or ropes pulling up shirts, animated objects - whose animation was accidentally shown in the wrong place, etc. A lot of people can't imagine that NASA is cheating us and making fake images. Recordings were made in studios (NASA has a 1:1 replica of the ISS backdrop), because that would shake up your own worldview too much. For this reason, the number of likes outweighs the number of likes in some of these videos and many people become downright insulting, angry + judgmental, which should always give you something to think about (why do I react like this and defend my own conditioned worldview with all my might). Nevertheless, a change is taking place here and you can clearly see in the comments that the proportion of people who expose these fakes + believe this to be the truth (don't be fooled) is increasing.

The coming month of October will definitely consolidate the new phase that was initiated on September 23rd and intensify the collective awakening once again..!!

I am therefore firmly convinced that in a few years this knowledge will also be normal for many people and that these videos will then be seen in a completely different light. By the way, the NASA topic will be one of the first that I will cover in detail in the next few days, possibly even tomorrow, even if that is not certain yet. Well, for these reasons I now strongly assume that the month of October will definitely give us new impulses and that a lot of people will experience changes in their own beliefs and ideas about life. The newly begun phase, which was initiated on September 23, 2017, will therefore unfold its potential in October and will be responsible for the fact that we will now reach a completely new stage in the process of spiritual awakening. We can therefore look forward to the coming weeks and months with excitement. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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