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An incredible amount is currently happening in a very short time. The awakening of the collective state of consciousness keeps reaching new heights, more and more people recognize the truth behind their own existence, deal with the big questions of life, explore their own origin, deal with the creative power of their own state of consciousness and understand in parallel again why the warlike/disorganized circumstance on our planet is as it is. There is an intense spiritual awakening taking place, a drastic expansion of our own state of consciousness, which in turn leads us to truth on all planes of existence. In order to be able to fully understand one's own primal cause, it is imperative to gain an insight into current world events.

A new phase begins

May energyWhen one does this and re-examines the true causes of current world events, when one regains insight into the enslaving capitalist financial system and understands that our world is a product of powerful occult families, then a great deal becomes clear again. The whole thing, in combination with profound self-knowledge of your own reality, i.e. self-knowledge of spirituality (the teaching of the spirit), in turn leads to a real "waking up process". We begin again to discard old negative beliefs, revise our inherited worldview and experience a drastic evolution of our own mind/body/spirit system. Mankind goes through various important phases. The first phase refers to the beginnings of spiritual awakening, a phase of realization, if you will. You regain important self-knowledge about your own life and constantly experience a flood of information, a flood of insights.

The phase of initial self-knowledge is extremely exhausting at the beginning and requires our full attention..!!

Nevertheless, this phase is extremely exhausting, consumes a lot of life energy and it simply takes a certain amount of time to process all the newly gained information. As soon as you have accomplished this, you go through the second phase, namely the phase of active action. After we have processed all the self-knowledge, a fundamental reorientation of our own state of consciousness begins.

After the phase of self-knowledge, the phase of active action usually begins. You now apply the newly gained knowledge and create a life that corresponds to your own ideas..!!

We are fed up that we only apply all the newly gained knowledge to a limited extent and are now starting to completely change our own lives. We are now applying the newly gained knowledge, completely changing our diet (keyword: natural/alkaline nutrition), - we no longer support various exploiting industries and are actively taking action against the current system.

Month of May

May energetic impactThis special and important phase is reaching more and more people and we can now prepare for the fact that this phase will really start in May. In April + March things started a bit as far as that is concerned. The sun, as the new astrological ruler of the year, unfolded its effect, giving us more vitality overall. At the same time, more and more people found themselves consciously in the process of spiritual awakening. For this reason, the critical mass has almost been reached and there is not much left until we find ourselves in a global revolution. The collective state of consciousness is still experiencing an increase in its own vibrational frequency and in May this process will experience a drastic acceleration again. The problems and inner conflicts of the last few months are now coming to an end and we will experience a real rebirth in May. For this reason, old sustainable patterns, negative mental structures will be dissolved by many people in May and a feeling of freedom is looming.

Only by realigning our own state of consciousness will we be able to resonate with abundance instead of lack..!!

In exactly the same way, the orientation of our own state of consciousness will experience a special turning point in May. We will then no longer be in resonance with lack and fears, but with abundance and love, balance and harmony. This is exactly how we will reap in May what we have sown in the last few months. As far as that is concerned, the year 2017 is already characterized by success due to the sun as the regent of the year and this success will really manifest itself in May.

In May we will experience a special phase of the upswing. Our mood will improve significantly and we will feel reborn..!!

The coming month of May is therefore a month characterized by success and change. We can therefore now prepare for special times, times in which everything will change for the better. For this reason, we should definitely use the energies of the coming month to finally build a life that fully corresponds to our own ideas. After all, the potential for this lies dormant deep within you. Ultimately, however, you alone decide how you deal with it. In this sense, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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