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The successful but also sometimes stormy month of May is over and now a new month is beginning, the month of June, which basically represents a new phase. New energetic influences are reaching us in this regard, the change of time is progressing and many people are now approaching an important time, a time in which old programming or sustainable life patterns can finally be overcome. May has already laid an important foundation for this, or rather, one could lay an important foundation for this in May.Overall, this had already been predicted and the month of May was therefore marked by change and upheaval.

Overcoming old programming

Overcoming old programmingFor example, this month you were able to deal more with your own disagreements and better understand your own problems. On the other hand, this month also served our own spiritual development and successes were easier to record. This month was partly characterized by ups and downs. This was also very noticeable for me personally. On the one hand, there were days and weeks in which I was highly motivated and was able to do/realize things that had been present in my subconscious for a long time and were just waiting for me to realize them again. On the other hand, there were also days when I was very depressed, so I experienced a circulatory collapse right towards the end, which in turn was due to various factors (personal disagreements + mental/physical overexertion + high incoming frequencies). As a rule, it also looks like the high frequencies automatically ask/force us humans to deal with our own problems. Ultimately, by paying attention to and dissolving your own shadows, you create space for more positivity and also manage to stay more in a high vibration frequency. This is exactly what happened to me and I was confronted with my own inner contradictions and problems in a brutal way. This was followed by days of recovery, I allowed myself more rest and was therefore no longer as active on my side.

The partly stormy and, above all, fruitful month of May ultimately not only served our own mental and spiritual development, but it was also able to create a basis for a life that is now being led into a completely new and, above all, positive path..!! 

However, towards the end this subsided again, I became more active and was able to realize long-cherished wishes again. For example, I managed to finish a new website (Body spirit soul), a project of mine and my girlfriend that we have really wanted to realize for a long time. Well, the month of May was also an important month in which we humans were able to work through a lot of things and, at the same time, steer our lives onto a new path.

Overcoming old programming – The month of June

Energetic influences in JuneNow a new time begins again, a new phase, a new month, which brings with it its very special energetic potential. The month of June is therefore about overcoming old karmic patterns, old programming and other inconsistencies. We are now entering a new level, a level in which we will penetrate even deeper into our own being. For this reason, we could once again feel strong energetic discharges this month, i.e. deep shadows that are now reaching our daily consciousness and confronting us with all their might. Ultimately, this also has to do with our ego, with our self-created negative space, which is becoming smaller and smaller due to the current increase in vibration, but still clings to our own mind with all its might. Letting go is therefore a key word again this month. Ultimately, the process of spiritual awakening is also about letting go of old, past phases of life, from which one may still derive suffering or even feelings of guilt, in order to be able to focus completely on the presence of the present again. Only when we consciously arrive in the present again, no longer feel guilty about the past, are no longer afraid of our future and instead use the potential of the present, will it be possible for us again to create a life that is completely in line with our own ideas life corresponds. For this reason, the month of June is also a very important month, because many old behaviors and phases of life are now coming to an end. Some people may even realize a final overcoming of old programming and other low-vibration life patterns.

Once we say goodbye to old, sustainable patterns of living, let go of them and begin to bathe in the presence of the present again, we can create a life that is full of harmony and peace. A life that completely corresponds to our own ideas..!! 

The conditions are there for this. We can now create a successful life, a life in which we overcome our own fears and realize thoughts that have remained in our subconscious for countless years. As always, it depends on ourselves and, above all, on the use of our own mental powers. With this in mind, stay healthy, be happy and live a life in harmony.


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