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June 2018

The rather exciting but also intense month of May has come to an end and now we are in the beginnings of June, which brings with it quite a lot of manifestation and healing potential. On the other hand, June will also be stormy in nature, at least at the beginning, because as some of you have already noticed, the month started with two portal days. But we don't reach further portal days, It's not until July that things really get going again (keyword: ten-day portal day series).

A quick flashback

A quick flashback - MayUltimately, completely different topics are in the foreground this month. In May, for example, it was mainly about creating new foundations (mental acceptance of changes), about mental realignments, about the strong confrontation with your own inner conflicts and, above all, about transformation + purification. In this context, very strong electromagnetic and cosmic influences reached us in May. Sometimes we were hit by real energetic storms and we were therefore confronted with countless internal conflicts and unfinished business. Also changes in our own lifestyle, for example adjusting our diet, ending countless addictions (something that I have increasingly noticed in those around me) and overall gaining a completely new basic understanding of health, and if necessary even the urge to have a healthy mind/body The focus was on creating a basis for the soul. Of course, these influences made themselves felt in a completely individual way for each person (each person is completely individual and therefore deals with completely individual issues).

On the one hand, the month of May could be very enlightening and insightful, but on the other hand, at least due to the strong cosmic influences, it could be perceived as very stressful and full of conflict..!! 

In exactly the same way, we were able to work on the manifestation of corresponding thoughts full of energy and drive. This time I was also able to deal with the strong cosmic influences very well and accomplished a lot as a result. Nevertheless, overall it was a month of cleansing, transformation and confrontation with inner conflicts and new topics.

The month of June – new living conditions, self-realization & healing powers

The month of June Some of these themes will also be present subliminally in June. Particularly when it comes to transformation processes, we should be aware that these processes have generally been taking place for several years and are continuing to increase in intensity. Nevertheless, these transformation processes will manifest themselves in a completely different way. It's more about introducing new phases and circumstances in life. For example, anyone who did the necessary preparatory work in May or thought about appropriate changes could in all probability make a new foundation manifest. Working within current structures, or rather acting from the present, will now increasingly come into focus. A previously aspired or even newly acquired health awareness could now play a larger role and steer our lives towards healthier paths. Ultimately, such a “health orientation” also goes hand in hand with the use and development of our own healing powers. The beginning of summer and the hopefully sunny days that come with it will provide us with additional support in this process. In general, the sun also stands for energy, healing, joy of life, vitality, productivity and self-realization, which is why the next 2-3 months will bring us corresponding influences and themes. Ultimately, this is also accompanied by the experience and manifestation of new life circumstances (whether they involve smaller or larger changes). Many changes could therefore now come into force. This also puts our own self-realization in the foreground and we can, at least if we mentally align ourselves with it and resonate with the corresponding influences, put many things that were previously unfulfilled into practice.

The month of June and the next 2-3 months are all about self-healing and self-realization. It is now an optimal time for us to pursue personal goals and, above all, to initiate healing processes..!!

Well, at the end of the day, July could be an extremely important and healing month in which we can surpass ourselves if necessary. But what exactly will happen and how we will experience the coming time depends, as always, entirely on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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