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The partly successful but also quite strenuous and changeable month of June is now ending and a new month, a new period of time, awaits us. The forecasts for the coming sunny month of July are quite positive. Of course, this month will also be about a personal review. Things that we have not been able to do in the last few months, shadow parts, self-created blockages and other mental problems that we have not been able to resolve despite all our efforts in the last few months, are now being examined by us again and transported into our daily consciousness. Everything that is not in harmony with our mental desires and intentions, all of our actions, which in turn contradict our convictions and beliefs, can no longer exist.

End the game of polarity

Further development in JulyThese self-imposed inconsistencies, which ultimately burden our own minds every day and subsequently have a negative influence on our own physical and psychological constitution, on our well-being, prevent the realization of a positive space at the end of the day, prevent us from staying in one permanently high vibration frequency. However, the current energetic circumstances require a drastic inner change. For this reason, the initiation of personal change is becoming increasingly important for our own mental and spiritual prosperity, just as this further development is essential for a positive expansion of the collective state of consciousness. If we don't make any changes ourselves and continue to hold ourselves captive to rigid patterns of life, if we continue to be distracted by negative thoughts, fears and the like. let it dominate, then we can't expect any changes on the outside. Ultimately, we humans are powerful creators of our own reality, bearers of a fascinating, creative force and represent in ourselves a complex, almost incomprehensible universe, a universe that is connected to everything that is, on a spiritual level. Nevertheless, change on the outside only happens when we change ourselves (be the change you want for this world - nothing changes until you change yourself and suddenly everything changes). Only when we change the direction of our own mind again, only when we create a state of consciousness that vibrates at a high frequency, do we again attract the things into our own lives that are of a positive nature - an unavoidable law. That's why the time has now come to end our self-created game of polarity, duality. It's about completely dissolving our own karmic baggage.

Dissolving your own shadows is a topic that has become increasingly important for us humans in recent years/months. It's about steering our lives back into a positive direction, it's about creating a space in which positivity can flourish..!!

We have been dealing with our own shadow parts and lower thoughts for too long. For too long we have been unable to create a life that fully corresponds to our own ideas. For too long we have been stuck in self-created vicious circles that can only be broken out by using our own mental abilities. We ourselves have our future life in our own hands. We ourselves are the bearers and, above all, designers of our own fate and for this reason nothing and no one in the world is to blame for our own living conditions. This process of cleansing, of realigning our own minds, of transforming our own shadow parts, has been in full swing for a few weeks now.

The turning point is here

The turning point is hereIn my last article about the new moon on June 24th, 2017, I already announced that at this point a new, cleansing cycle began, which in turn lasted until the next new moon on July 23rd, 2017, i.e. until the next new moon , should stop. Even if some people were not yet able to free themselves from their own karmic problems, on the other hand, there were also many people who were able to make personal breakthroughs and make important, positive changes in their lives. For example, some people freed themselves from long-standing addictions. Some managed to stop smoking, others changed their entire diet (I also stopped my long-term meat consumption a few weeks ago), others changed the direction of their own minds, underwent an inner change, became more spiritual overall and settled a lot of unfinished business, i.e. they realized thoughts that they had been putting off for months or even years. For this reason, the time of active action continues to progress and the time of dreaming, the time of being trapped in self-imposed, rigid life patterns, is still heading towards its end. For this reason, humanity is currently experiencing massive spiritual development, which will ultimately bless us with a significantly stronger spiritual connection. The cosmic cycle therefore continues its unstoppable course and continues to transport us into a new era at enormous speed.

Use the potential of your own mind, your own mental abilities again and realize a positively oriented state of consciousness..!!

For this reason, the coming month of July is also very important for our own mental and spiritual prosperity. We now still have the chance to completely change our lives and anyone who has the courage to put this into practice will definitely succeed. For this reason, face your own fears and then let go of your own mental problems and your self-imposed entanglements in order to be able to live a life of self-love and balance again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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