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tree resin

Within the overall ascension process, the frequency of the collective increases immensely. In doing so, we are given more and more lost knowledge, which in turn carries the information of healing at its core. In this way, we are all becoming more and more in touch with nature and, due to our heightened spiritual state, we increasingly draw truthful remedies into our reality or let them corresponding remedies revive in our all-encompassing field. At the same time, we are also becoming increasingly aware that the most powerful remedies are rooted within nature. Basically, there is a suitable healing substance for every ailment.

The natural state

The healing power of tree resinIn this context, we can also bring our own temple, i.e. our organism, back to a completely new level of wholeness through the daily addition of natural energies. For example, those who would feed themselves completely from nature (a healing/natural diet) together with medicinal plants (The vibration contained in the word "heil" alone says it all), roots, flowers, seeds, nuts, berries, sprouts (young plants), grasses and algae, who can, apart from a divine spiritual state (from which of course an appropriate diet is first drawn - the healer one's own mind, the more circumstances within our reality become manifest, which in turn are based on healing), keep his body forever young and perfectly radiant. Instead of being subject to a lack of vital substances, inflammation, low oxygen saturation or even a highly acidic cell environment, we flood our cells with the purest and most beneficial information every day. On a physical level, there are countless vital substances such as chlorophyll, natural oils, bases, natural fats and general organic compounds that bring our body back into balance, a condition that we keep very limited through the daily consumption of processed food, which in turn has an adverse effect affects our own mental state.

The healing power of tree resinThe healing power of tree resin

Well, ultimately there are also healing substances within nature that carry a particularly strong energy and therefore have amazing properties and one of these special healing substances is resin or tree resin (the gold of the forest). In the Myrrh and Frankincense Articles (two types of resin) I have already discussed the healing power of resin in this regard, but we do not necessarily have to use resin from the Far East, because in our European forests there are trees that have resin that is just as beneficial, we are talking mainly about conifers resin (not all trees produce resin. Some trees, such as the birch, carry large amounts of tree sap, consisting largely of water, which in turn leaks when wounded). In particular, the resin from spruce and pine is extremely powerful! It is ultimately a substance that the trees produce as soon as they are wounded or have wounds. The resin then escapes and closes/heals the wound. The resin is therefore a healing substance produced by the trees, which alone shows us its extremely powerful potency. The resin is rich in highly concentrated essential oils and turpentine, which together are truly EXTREMELY astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antifungal, wound healing and general healing.

The pure information of nature

gold of the forestThe very strong aromatic forest scent alone shows us that we are absorbing the energy of the tree and of the forest in general with spruce resin, for example. They are completely original and natural energies, which subsequently massively benefit our own cell milieu and, due to their bundled natural information, allow the development of our divine self to develop (Resin and gold were brought to the sleeping Christ consciousness). Ultimately, tree resin also has a strong detoxifying effect. It is not for nothing that balsam turpentine, i.e. liquid tree resin, is considered by far to be one of the strongest antiparasitic remedies of all. On the other hand, it works perfectly for rheumatism and gout problems. Even with joint problems, it can provide great relief in the form of an ointment. Ultimately, tree resin is one of the oldest remedies on earth. And because of these bundled primal energies, it also has a very calming effect on your own mind, body and soul system. I myself now take spruce resin almost every day (totally intuitive, my mind was calling for it). Usually in chunks I chew it in my mouth (which partly also settles on the teeth - healing for the teeth), then let the strong forest aroma affect me in my mouth until I swallow the resin afterwards. The resin itself partly comes from my own wild collections, i.e. I go to the corresponding trees and look for resin spots, on the other hand I have already bought corresponding uncleaned natural resin from a few manufacturers or small natural manufacturers. Of course, there is also the possibility of scratching spruces in a targeted manner, so that a lot of resin escapes at the point, but we should leave the trees alone and not hurt them unnecessarily (except possibly in one blackout scenario, in which of course we have to survive. – It would then be another source of food + a way to treat diseases).


Well then, ultimately tree resins are pure or bundled healing energies in the form of small pots and stones, which have an incredibly strong healing spectrum and can be of great benefit to us on our path to becoming whole. It is the unadulterated energy of nature that we can absorb, the spirit of the forest that we can infuse into all our cells. For this reason I can only recommend tree resins to everyone. It is incredibly beneficial to the ascension of our own spirit. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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