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Sufficient and, above all, restful sleep is something that is essential for your own health. It is therefore extremely important that in today's fast-moving world we ensure a certain balance and give our body enough sleep. In this context, lack of sleep also harbors not inconsiderable risks and can have a very negative effect on our own mind/body/spirit system in the long run. People who have a bad sleep rhythm or who generally sleep very little become more lethargic, unfocused, unbalanced and, above all, significantly more ill in the long run (our body’s own functionalities are impaired – our immune system is weakened).

Fix Chronic Poisoning - Improve your sleep

Resolve chronic poisoningOn the other hand, a lack of sleep or simply unrefreshing sleep (a person who regularly takes sleeping pills will very likely fall asleep more quickly, but will not be quite as recovered afterwards) promotes the development of depressive moods and promotes the development of a disharmonious spectrum of thoughts. Sufficient sleep + a healthy sleeping rhythm are very important for maintaining our health and for this reason we should do a lot to get better sleep again. Basically, there are also various effective options for this, such as changing our own diet, i.e. a more natural diet + the associated renunciation of everyday toxins/addictive substances. All the chemically contaminated food, all the flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, sweeteners and all additives ensure that our body is chronically poisoned and this in turn leads to a less restful sleep. The same goes for nicotine and caffeine, of course. Both are very dangerous substances, everyday toxins that should not be underestimated, which permanently burden our organism with daily consumption and consequently significantly impair our sleep. In particular, we should not underestimate the caffeine in any way. Caffeine is not a supposedly harmless stimulating substance, but caffeine is a neurotoxin that puts our body in a state of stress and has many negative consequences (The Coffee Deception).

In today's world, many people suffer from chronic poisoning, which in turn is caused by an unnatural diet + an unhealthy lifestyle overall. Ultimately, this not only affects our own health, but also our own sleep quality..!!

Well, ultimately all these chemical additives, all these everyday toxins, simply cause chronic poisoning of our own body, which in turn leads to significantly lower quality sleep. Our body then processes all these impurities while we sleep, it has to expend a lot of energy for this and that simply makes us less balanced in the long run. For this reason, it is also very important to improve our own sleep rhythm that we eat more naturally throughout and avoid some everyday toxins.

Give your sleep quality a real boost with enough exercise

Give your sleep quality a real boost with enough exerciseAnother very powerful way to get a much more restful sleep is sport or even exercise. In this context, physical activity is, in my opinion, one of the most effective ways to improve your own sleep rhythm. So it's generally very important in a person's life to get enough exercise. In fact, exercise is an essential factor in creating a balanced mental state and can even significantly improve our quality of life. In the end we reconnect with our own primal ground and embody the universal laws of rhythm and vibration. One aspect of this law says that movement is very important for our own well-being and that rigidity or even staying in deadlocked living conditions makes us sick. Life just wants to flow, thrive and above all wants us to bathe in its flow of movement. For this reason, physical activity or even sufficient exercise/regular walking is essential for an improved sleep rhythm. As far as that is concerned, I was able to gain very good experiences here. For example, I suffered from very poor sleep for a number of years. Firstly, my sleeping rhythm was completely out of balance, secondly, it was very difficult for me to fall asleep and thirdly, I woke up in the morning hardly recovered. In the meantime, however, this has changed again, and that's only because I now go running regularly. In this regard, I stopped smoking + drinking coffee more than 1 month ago and at the same time, without exception, went running every day - a plan that I had wanted to put into practice for a long time. The first improvements became apparent after just a few days, so firstly I was able to fall asleep more quickly and secondly I was much more relaxed the next morning.

In order to be able to significantly improve our own sleep quality, it is important that we become active again and relieve our organism by changing our way of life. Our bio-rhythm doesn't improve on its own and no pill can do this either, only our own self-control can work wonders here..!!

After about a month, i.e. when I had fully implemented my plan, my sleep was phenomenal. Since then I still fall asleep much faster, get tired earlier, wake up much earlier in the morning (sometimes even at 6 or 7 a.m., even though I sometimes go to bed quite late and because of my homework + the resulting convenience only I get up around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.), then feel much more rested, dream much more intensely and overall feel more powerful than ever before. Basically, the whole benefits are even enormous and I never thought that my sleep rhythm would improve so significantly through exercise + not caffeinated drinks and cigarettes. For this reason, for those of you out there who may be suffering from poor sleep and who may also be having a very hard time falling asleep, I highly recommend exercise + reducing everyday toxins. If you put such a plan back into practice, you will notice significant improvements after a short time and you will definitely experience a normalization of your bio-rhythm. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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