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The human organism consists to a large extent of water and for this reason it is very advantageous to supply your body with high-quality water every day. Unfortunately, in today's world it seems that the water provided to us is usually of inferior quality. Be it our drinking water, which has a very poor vibration frequency due to the countless new treatments and the resulting feeding with negative information, or even bottled water, to which fluoride and high amounts of sodium are usually added. However, there are ways in which you can improve the quality of water immensely. In this regard, one can energize water with simple means. There is a method with which you can increase the vibration frequency enormously! You can find out what that is in the following article.

Energize Water – The increase in vibrational frequency

healing-stones-for-water-energizingThe bottom line is that there are countless ways that water can be restored to its natural vitality. In this context, water can be energized in various ways. On the one hand, you can use sacred geometry to improve the quality of the water. To do this, for example, you place a water bottle on a special coaster on which the flower of life is depicted (the flower of life is a harmonizing symbol that represents an image of our energetic source). On the other hand, one could inform water with words or captions. One can enhance the structural quality with thoughts of love or gratitude. For this one thanks the water, or informs it mentally with love and gratitude while drinking. On the other hand, you could also stick or attach a label with these words or generally with positive words to the corresponding water bottle. The effect will become noticeable after a very short time. Nevertheless, there is ultimately a method that can be used to increase the quality of the water so that its structure approaches that of fresh mountain spring water.

A powerful healing stone combination for water energizing..!!

You don't need overpriced filter systems for this, but healing stones, to be precise 3 special healing stones, which together have a strong harmonizing effect on the water. In this context, healing stones are fossil substances or special minerals that have a healing influence on one's own mental, spiritual and physical condition.

Restore the natural vitality of the water

healing-waterThese stones have a particularly light vibrational state and can drastically increase the vibrational frequency in the environment, or in this case in the water. Even earlier advanced civilizations such as the Maya made use of the healing effects of fossil minerals. In modern times, the now increasingly popular "energizers" have been ridiculed for a long time. But things are now changing and many people are starting to energize their water themselves with healing stones. There is a very special healing stone combination that can be used to massively restore the natural vitality of the water. This powerful healing stone combination consists of the healing stones amethyst (has a very harmonizing effect on your own mental state), rose quartz (cleans your own heart + soul - heart chakra) and rock crystal (has a strengthening influence on our body + mind). These three gems therefore form a perfect basis for drastically improving the structural properties of water, as they complement each other perfectly in terms of their properties and, above all, their variety of effects and, in combination, unfold a harmonizing potential. This is accomplished by placing these 3 healing stones in a carafe of water, for example. As soon as this happens, the vibration frequency of the water increases significantly after a very short time. In this context, even a single treatment of the water ensures that the water is very similar in quality and vibration frequency to that of fresh, natural mountain water.

This water treatment increases the vibration frequency massively..!!

The vibration level rises enormously and the water is extremely beneficial for your body when you consume it afterwards (by the way, the measured life energy of the water is called the Bovis value). Ultimately, it is therefore highly recommended to energize your own water with this powerful combination of healing stones. The effort is 0 and the effect is all the more amazing. The healing stones can also be used over a longer period of time without losing their power. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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