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Frequency state

The frequency state of a person is decisive for his physical and psychological well-being and it even reflects his own current mental state. The higher the frequency of our own state of consciousness, the more positive this usually has an effect on our own organism. Conversely, a low vibration frequency exerts a very lasting influence on our own body. Our own energetic flow is increasingly blocked and our organs can no longer be adequately supplied with the appropriate life energy (Prana/Kundalini/Orgone/Ether/Qi etc.). As a result, this favors the development of diseases and we humans simply feel increasingly imbalanced. Ultimately, there are countless factors in this regard that lower our own frequency, a main factor would be a negative thought spectrum, for example.  In this context, there are also countless ways to raise your own vibration frequency again. In this article I will introduce you to a particularly effective way with which you can definitely increase your own frequency state.

Different ways to improve sleep

sleeping-with-the-window-openIn today's world, many people suffer from lack of sleep. This lack of sleep is partly due to our performance society, i.e. a demanding system in which we as humans are constantly pushed to our limits, especially when it comes to our daily work (of course there are countless other factors that promote a lack of sleep ||unnatural diet - Abuse of addictive substances/caffeine, too little sport/exercise – resulting in less restful sleep/problems falling asleep). Ultimately, a lack of sleep has a very negative impact on our own health, because it is precisely when we sleep that our organism comes to rest and can recover from the stress and strain of the day. However, there are various ways in which we can dramatically improve our own sleep quality. On the one hand, it is very beneficial to sleep in dark rooms. All visible light sources (artificial light sources, of course) reduce the quality of our sleep enormously and mean that we are significantly less refreshed the next morning. In the same way, due to the strong radiation exposure, it is absolutely not an advantage to have your smartphone right next to you while you sleep. The emitted radiation puts a strain on our cellular environment and ultimately reduces the frequency at which our own state of consciousness oscillates. One reason why I put my cell phone on airplane mode every night (Update: I hardly use my cell phone at all anymore and it is constantly in airplane mode). Another very important point is sleeping with the window open. To be honest, the effects of a closed window can be serious.

There are various ways to improve your own sleep quality. Ultimately, we should make use of some of these methods because, especially in today's fast-paced world, it is extremely important to have a restful sleep. A restful sleep means that we become more balanced + significantly more resilient or, better said, mentally more stable..!!  

As soon as the window(s) in a corresponding room are closed, the air quality decreases after a short time. If the air is left in a room for a long period of time, the energetic flow in the air deteriorates from hour to hour. The flow is actually blocked and our own energetic base becomes more dense due to the stagnant air (our frequency is lowered).

Sleep with the window open

Adequate sleep is important!!!There is therefore a huge difference whether you sleep for years with the windows open or with the windows closed. This phenomenon can even be traced back to the universal principle of rhythm and vibration and shows us that movement and change constantly inspire our own spirit. As far as this is concerned, this law simply says that rhythms are an integral part of our lives and that our lives are subject to constant changes. The source of our life is fluid (an energetic network that is given form by an intelligent creative spirit) and is in constant motion. For this reason, changes are absolutely not a bad thing, but are an integral part of our existence. For example, a person who always does the same thing every day, is always stuck in the same rigid life patterns, feels overwhelmed by it in the long term and thus damages his or her own spirit. Movement and change are therefore essential for our mental and emotional well-being. Ultimately, rooms with closed windows could also be compared to a lake with standing water. As soon as the water stands, the lake tips over and the water becomes bad, the vegetation dies away and the organisms perish (at this point it should be said that there are of course countless other influences that cause a lake to “tip over”) . For this reason, it is advisable to sleep with the windows open again to ensure a continuous flow of air (a tilted window or windows ajar would also contribute to a flow). You will get to know the advantages of an open window after a short time.

Sleeping with the windows open can have a very positive effect on your own physical and psychological constitution. This ultimately ensures a continuous air flow and the energetic quality does not decrease..!!

You will definitely feel more rested, more alive, + more energetic and, above all, you will be able to increase the frequency of your own organism at the end of the day. Of course, sleeping with the window open isn't for everyone. Especially in winter when it's cold, you usually prefer to sleep with the window closed. Nevertheless, even in the cold season it is advisable to have windows open at night, even if it is only a small crack. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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