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Everything in existence is made of energy. There is nothing that does not consist of this elementary energy source or even arises from it. This energetic web is driven by consciousness, or rather it is consciousness, that gives form to this energetic structure. At the same time, consciousness also consists of energy, our mind (since our life is a product of our mind and the external perceptible world is a mental projection, immateriality is present everywhere) is therefore not material, but immaterial/mental in nature.

Change your fundamental frequency

Change your fundamental frequencyA person's consciousness therefore consists of energy, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency. Because of our own mental/creative abilities, we are able to change our own frequency state. Admittedly, our own frequency is constantly changing. For example, if you were walking in the forest earlier, your frequency at that time was different than it is at the moment you are reading this article. Your sensations were different, you experienced completely different sensory impressions and legitimized different thoughts in your own mind. A different circumstance prevailed, which was therefore also characterized by a different fundamental oscillation/frequency. Nevertheless, we can change our frequency state enormously, increase or even decrease it. This happens in various ways, for example through new insights into one's own life, which then lead to a realignment of one's own mental state. You get to know new circumstances, create new beliefs, convictions and views on life and can therefore completely change your own basic frequency. On the other hand, we can also experience a massive increase in frequency, for example through the legitimization of positive thoughts in our own minds. Love, harmony, joy and peace are always feelings that keep our frequency high and give us a feeling of lightness. Negative thoughts in turn reduce our own frequency - "heavy energies" are created, which is why people who suffer from depression or are in deep sadness feel sluggish, exhausted, "heavy" and sometimes even as if they have been defeated.

Everything is energy and that's all. Align the frequency with the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That’s not philosophy, that’s physics.” - Albert Einstein..!!

Another aspect that changes our frequency is our diet. For example, a person who eats a very unnatural diet over a long period of time could experience a slow but steady reduction in their own frequency.

Use the special power of blessing

Use the special power of blessingAn appropriate diet puts a strain on your own mind/body/spirit system and all of the body's own functionalities suffer as a result. Chronic poisoning, caused by an unnatural diet, promotes the development or manifestation of diseases and weakens our immune system (especially since an appropriate diet accelerates our aging process). A natural diet in turn increases our own frequency, especially when practiced over a long period of time. Of course, the main cause of a low frequency state is usually always an internal conflict that causes us to suffer at the end of the day and have a negative mental spectrum (a lack of energy occurs). Nevertheless, a natural diet can work wonders. The choice of our food is therefore crucial. Living/energetic foods, i.e. foods that already have a high frequency, are very digestible and strengthen our spirit. In this context, there is a possibility through which you can increase the frequency of corresponding foods and that is by informing you with positive thoughts. Above all, blessing is very worth mentioning here. In this way, we can significantly improve the quality of our food through blessing. Apart from the fact that we practice mindfulness and get a more pronounced nutritional awareness (our handling of appropriate foods becomes more conscious), we increase the frequency of our food. In this way, you harmonize the food, making it much more digestible. Similarly, water ultimately has a unique ability to remember (due to consciousness) and therefore respond to our own thoughts.

Your foods shall be your medicines and your medicines shall be your foods. – Hippocrates..!!

Positive thoughts change the structure of the water crystals and ensure that they arrange themselves harmoniously (Harmonize water, that's how it works). For this reason, we should definitely harness the power of blessing and bless our food from now on. We don't even have to say a blessing, but we can apply the blessing internally or purely mentally. In this context, it should also be said again that energy always follows our own attention, which is why we can use our attention (focus) to direct our own mental energy. We can therefore specifically create circumstances that are again harmonious in nature. In a certain way, this principle can also be applied to our food, because we can harmonize our food solely through our mindful and positive intentions/approaches. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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