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As has often been said about “everything is energy”, the core of every human being is of a spiritual nature. The life of a person is therefore also a product of his own mind, i.e. everything arises from his own mind. Spirit is therefore also the highest authority in existence and is responsible for the fact that we humans as creators can create circumstances/states ourselves. As spiritual beings, we have some special features. A special feature is the fact that we have a complete energetic framework.

drink the forest

NatureOne could also say that we humans, as spiritual beings, consist of energy, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency. Our state of consciousness, which in turn is expressed throughout our entire existence, subsequently has a completely individual frequency state. This frequency state is subject to changes and that permanently. Of course, these permanent changes are mostly of a minor nature (many people hardly notice it), a strong frequency change usually happens over days (development process), in which our mental orientation changes due to our own actions/habits etc. Well, in the end there are also a wide variety of possibilities to bring about an increase in one's own frequency state. An essential aspect is our diet. An unnatural lifestyle or foods, which in turn have been industrially processed, genetically modified or even enriched with countless unnatural additives, have an extremely low frequency state. One could also speak of a hardly pronounced liveliness here. Appropriate foods can indeed be filling, but in the long run they only exert a burden on our own mind/body/spirit system and consequently also on our frequency state. A raw vegan diet or, more precisely, a natural diet can work wonders and completely change our mindset for the better.

A vegan or raw vegan diet does not necessarily have to be a relief for our organism, quite the opposite, here too it is a matter of choosing the right food, which ideally has a corresponding naturalness/liveliness. For this reason I also like to speak of a natural diet..!!

It is not for nothing that more and more reports are being published every day in which people with a natural raw vegan diet have been able to heal countless diseases within a very short time. Of course, diseases always first arise in our own mind, mostly due to inner conflicts, but our diet, which is also a product of our mind (we decide which foods we consume, first imagination, then action), can still work wonders here and also be responsible for the fact that we can deal much better with inner conflicts.

Push your frequency state

NatureWell, raw food, especially fresh vegetables, sprouts, wild herbs, fruit, etc., is therefore a very important aspect when it comes to creating a high-frequency state of consciousness. Anyone who eats accordingly floods their own organism with high-frequency energy, with living food, and this brings our cell environment into a healthy state (no overacidification, oxygen saturation increases). There is also a wide variety of foods that we can eat. Superfoods are also popular here. Nevertheless, there is food in this regard that, at least in terms of its vitality, "plays in a completely different league", namely wild herbs/plants, which in turn are native to forests (or other natural surroundings) (homegrown vegetables can also be included) . Within a forest there is generally already an extraordinarily high vitality/frequency and there is hardly anything more natural than harvesting fresh herbs/plants and consuming them. The vitality or the frequency state is just extremely high, which is also completely understandable, because we are talking about completely unprocessed plants that were created in a high frequency/natural environment. And when these plants are harvested and then consumed, we are feeding our organisms food that has immense potential. Liveliness, a high frequency and above all the information of the natural environment, above all the information "life", is then supplied to our organism. We only find such a liveliness or such a high frequency state in nature.

Your food shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food.. - Hippocrates..!!

Everything that has been processed, for example dried, stored and co. experiences a corresponding loss (which does not mean that the corresponding food is bad, has no benefit or even has to have a low frequency).

My personal experiences

NatureTherefore, whoever goes into the forest, harvests wild herbs/plants/mushrooms and then consumes them, leads to pure life and that is the decisive aspect. It couldn't be fresher, more natural and more lively. It makes complete sense in and of itself, and illustrates the potential of our nature to utilize fully high-frequency food. In this context, there are also countless edible and extremely wholesome wild plants, which in turn have an enormous healing effect. Some collectors also like to talk about a buffet that we have on our own doorstep. I myself have to admit that I have always neglected this aspect in recent years. Of course, subliminally I was aware that this is the best variant purely in terms of liveliness, but I was comfortable, didn't bother with it and increasingly, at least in this respect, relied on superfoods. In itself, that still bothered me internally, at least when I considered the fact that we hardly know anything about our flora in today's unnatural system. There are also well-known pictures that draw attention to the fact that we can name countless brands and corporations in this system, but hardly any plants and the like. It's just all processes that are taking place in the current phase of spiritual awakening and we are not only more and more sensitive, but also more and more guided into nature, i.e. we feel an ever stronger connection to nature and also to natural states, while we slowly but surely decouple ourselves from the matrix illusion system. These processes also take place in every human being in a completely individual way, and every human being is confronted with themes at appropriate “times” that lead him once more to his primal cause and also to nature (while one person is confronted with the benefits of a natural diet or even discovers that cancer can be cured, another is concerned with the fact that, for example, his life is a product of his own mind - we will all come to terms with it at the right time confronted with the right issues).

The path to health leads through the kitchen, not through the pharmacy - Sebastian Kneipp..!!

Harvesting wild plants/wild herbs fresh from forests should only now be granted to me. Incidentally, my brother drew my attention to this, since he himself had begun to acquire knowledge about the corresponding wild plants and then went out and harvested + consumed a lot. Then he told me how beneficial/pushing the feeling was to consume such living food and that's how everything started rolling. At the worst possible time of the year (related to collecting, because in spring, summer and autumn we have a much larger selection of wild plants at our disposal - whereby a practiced collector, based on his knowledge and experience, will certainly find/harvest a lot here too) I have therefore now set out myself and have harvested quite a bit.

The forest is rich in medicinal plants and medicinal herbs

NatureAt this point I limited the whole thing to stinging nettles and blackberry leaves (easy to recognize and no risk of confusion with poisonous representatives, as is the case with girsch + rich in various vital substances/chlorophyll - the stinging donkey in particular is often underestimated and extremely potent). After careful inspection, I cut off various leaves with scissors (mostly in places and positions where I could be sure that these could not be "contaminated" by animals, such as foxes, etc. - one should be vigilant here). When I got home, the "harvest" was then washed with cold water and subjected to another scrutinizing look on my part (Of course you should always be careful, especially if you have no experience in this regard, but it is still paradoxical that you have certain concerns here, but consume unnatural foods, for example a bar of chocolate, without much hesitation). The thorns of the blackberry leaves were then also removed. Then I ate individual leaves raw and processed the other part into a smoothie and drank it immediately (eating all the leaves raw would of course be the most recommended option). The taste was very "waldish" and fresh, clearly distinguishable from "superfood shakes". I've been doing this for four days now (go to the forest every day and harvest the appropriate plant components) and I have to admit that I've felt a lot better since then (especially immediately, or rather 1-2 hours after drinking the shake, I feel an increased energy level in me). Especially today, it pushed me a lot inside.

Diseases do not attack people like a bolt from the blue, but are the consequences of continued mistakes against nature. – Hippocrates..!!

Just the thought of feeding me food that I can be sure has an extremely high level of vitality gives me an extremely pleasant feeling (ein aspect, which can also be very decisive, because feelings are significantly involved in changing our own frequency state. If I were to drink such a shake without being aware of the effects or without feeling the corresponding feelings in me, then the effect would certainly not be too pronounced - but the knowledge about the vitality of the plants goes immediately with my consumption accompanied by a strong euphoric feeling, which in turn acts as a powerful frequency booster). Ultimately, I can only recommend this “practice” to you. Just try it yourself. The season is unfavorable, but after a while, at least in my experience (even though I have little in-depth knowledge in this regard and only know a few plants), you will always find what you are looking for. And all those of you who are very well versed in this regard or even have a lot of experience, maybe you will share a few of your tricks, experiences and intentions. It is an important subject where other experiences can be extremely valuable, which in and of themselves is always the case. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to hearing about your opinions and experiences. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Ursula Henning 20. April 2020, 7: 37

      The stinging nettle in the salad or as a spring cure is absolutely great. Every year I look for the fresh leaves for my dog, of course I make sure that the fox can't get to them. I wash the leaves and sprinkle them over his food. Nettle is also good for dehydrating. Thanks for your tip.

    Ursula Henning 20. April 2020, 7: 37

    The stinging nettle in the salad or as a spring cure is absolutely great. Every year I look for the fresh leaves for my dog, of course I make sure that the fox can't get to them. I wash the leaves and sprinkle them over his food. Nettle is also good for dehydrating. Thanks for your tip.